Beauty Product Reviews


This is hands down my favorite mineral powder foundation. It's beautiful. I have dry skin & this stuff works beautifully. I've buffed this on, used a puff, or a big fluffy powder brush & a light dusting & this stuff is simply perfect. I will say even with my dry skin I get a small amount of shine late in the day, so I've found setting my nose with a good setting powder works like a charm. I love this stuff.

This stuff is awful. Do not waste your money. I was intrigued by the black base & light reflecting pigments. I was hoping for something effortless. It swatches beautifully. But getting that intense smoky shimmer on the eye isn't going to happen. I've tried it various ways. With a primer, without a primer. With a brush, with fingers, wet, dry. It's not happening. It's patchy, it requires layers upon layers of product to produce an even application. It settles into creases even with a primer. It melts away before 8 hours & it traveled into the corner of my eyes & smudged. & don't think you're getting a great deal either, it's a tiny little thing. I should return it & if shipping wasn't involved I would. I keep trying CT products, but honestly, I'm not a fan. I think this is a sub par product. I expect a power house product from any luxury brand & this isn't it. Inglot shadows are so much better.

it's a staple

I am very pleased with this product. I tried the Sephora brand of cleansing water and found it to leave a tacky film and I didn't like the smell. It's not a bad smell I just didn't like it, & it burned my eyes a little. There are other brands out there as well, but they are expensive and I wasn't feeling those price tags. Bioderma does not leave a tacky film, it truly seems to wipe away completely & it does not burn my eyes in anyway whatsoever. I find it to completely remove all traces of make-up to include eye make-up. Bioderma claims to remove water resistant mascara and I would definitely agree. I only wear waterproof mascara & eyeliner and I've gotten Bioderma to completely remove my waterproof, but you do have to let it sit on the eye for a few minutes. I'm usually in a hurry to get the day off my face so I still use eye makeup remover but the Bioderma definitely starts to dissolve the waterproof eye make and therefore I only have to use a very small amount of my actual eye makeup remover. I have very sensitive skin & I have not had any irritations or burning from Bioderma. It does not have any sort of smell either. I have also used it to successfully clean up an eyeliner mistake. I love that it wipes away clean, no oil, and no residue. I am very happy with this product and will repurchase. Beautylish is superfast with shipping, one business day, and the shipping price is very affordable, but I'll be glad when this is available in stores because it's already worked its way into of my staples. Until then I’ll be ordering it from only Beautylish, they really are the very best with shipping. I always want it right now and one business day is as good as it’s going to get. I’m very happy all around

missing this

I just purchased this, about two weeks ago. I loved it. So soft & it picked up product so nicely & it blends so well in the crease. A perfect size, not to big & not to small. A perfect size for the crease. Someone has stolen this brush & I'm so sad. I must replace.


As most.people have posted, it sounds amazing and I had to try it for myself. I returned it. While the system sounds simple, it's time consuming, three steps takes more time than I have on a normal morning. But outside of that, as it usually takes me longest for mascara application, it was incredibly sticky. The top and bottom lashes sticks together every time you blink and the little tiny fibers got into my eyes which causes watering. Its not water proof, just resistant and there is a difference. I used it twice and my daughter used it three times. It honestly didn't work any better than any other lash plumping curling and separating formula. Ultimately it was exchanged for a different one. Its not worth the time and hassle.