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Sugarpill Cosmetics

Tapered Blending & Crease Brush


Samuel W.
Gorgeous look, Quality feel!

I bought this full set when it was like, 30/40% off on SP's website, just because their brushes have always appealed to me INTENSELY. I lose my wits when I see how adorable they are. When I bought them, I had come to accept that every thing I had tried from Sugarpill was amazing, so that if these sucked, I couldn't be upset because at least they were gorgeous, right?

Honey, these brushes show up to WORK.

The Tapered Blending and Crease brush is advertised perfectly: It's tapered, and blends the crease area. BOOM! You wanna use it for other stuff, go ahead, because I sure do:

- BLENDING OUT A NOSE CONTOUR! LADIES (and gentlemen), it's IMPORTANT to apply and blend contours using two separate brushes to ensure the look is controlled and not heavy! THIS BRUSH DOES A GREAT JOB OF THAT! For anyone who bought this brush and decided it didn't work for their eyes, TRY IT ON YOUR NOSE! YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

- Blending out a BIG eyespace: I have a larger eye-space than most men I see, which I look at as a blessing -- I get more room to play with color and shadow! This brush blends out my crease perfectly, but that's because I have a big space to blend. If you don't have a lot of space, get a smaller brush and use this for your nose or something.

All in all, this brush makes my dreams come true. I use it for every face, and I do mean EVERY face I do.

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Juliana K.
I've seen better

I love Sugarhill cosmetics like crazy. They are awesome and the final product comes out great! However, I was really disappointed with this brush. It blends pretty well, but is too big to make fine lines on your eyes, which I really like to do. This might be just me, but it broke after I used it gently 3 times. Not the greatest.

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Karina C.
Very soft but not effective

I wanted to love this so badly...They are adorable and super soft but just didn't work for me no matter what I tried. They are too soft, if that makes sense. It didn't pick up enough product and it would not blend or move the eye shadow around. I used this brush with multiple eye shadow palettes ranging from Too Faced Chocolate Bar, UD Naked, LimeCrime Venus and nothing worked. They're too soft and don't have enough structure.

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Jennifer E.
missing this

I just purchased this, about two weeks ago. I loved it. So soft & it picked up product so nicely & it blends so well in the crease. A perfect size, not to big & not to small. A perfect size for the crease. Someone has stolen this brush & I'm so sad. I must replace.

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Ilham M.
great as a final brush

this brush is a little too soft for the blending of harsh colours. If you slowly build up colour you can use these to blend them out. i however like quick makeup so i don't use it for that. i use it a final brush when my look is done to go over everything and blend it and mesh it together to remove any harsh lines

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Salem A.
Too large for eyes, but amazing for precise face contouring

This brush is very soft and fluffy- so soft that I think it doesn't work that well for blending on very pigmented shadows and it's too fluffy/ large to work well on people who don't have much lid space. I honestly kind of felt like this was a waste when I got it... But then I tried it for nose contouring.

This is my HG brush for most contouring, especially my nose! It's small enough to be precise in placement for contouring, but fluffy enough that it doesn't make the contours harsh or unnatural looking. Since most contouring products are less pigmented than eyeshadows, the softness of this brush works well at blend those products out easily. A brush that allows for precise application and easily allows for as much or little blurring as you want- sold! It's also much smaller than more contour brushes, so it's super easy to travel with.

I have two of these (one of contour and one for highlight), and while I occasionally use other contouring brushes, I find myself using these the most.