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I bought this as I had tried the Milani version and loved it. I liked the twist up applicator and the colour. There was a reasonable amount of product. What I did not like was the thicker texture and have since returned to the cheaper Milani version.


I love a chemical exfoliator but you need to work your way up to this. The smell is not great (good skin care never is) and will cause beginner users to flake/peel despite the HA in it. I prefer lower potency products with less irritation. I bought 2 but ended up giving the other away.

Purchased for a wedding and then didn't use as it was too shimmery for me. I do like the bottle it comes in - it has a tiny nozzle which helps you control the amount that comes out. You don't need much product at all so it will last a long time. Even under foundation it looks too false/ mask-like - although it is possible that could be due to my inexperience using it. I will say I had better results as a teenager applying a drugstore version of this. I have since experimented with using it on the high points of the face only (and not all over as CT does in some of her tutorials) but still am not happy with it. My bottle is currently in the bathroom classing the room up but it is sadly unused.

cheaper options available that do the same job

This is simply just a moisturiser and ridiculously overpriced. do not buy this if you have oily skin. I don't think skin care should have perfume in it as there is a higher potential for allergy/irritation so I am annoyed by the fragrance in this one (but I will say it smells lovely). There are only small amounts of anti-aging ingredients and there is no SPF. Post application you will have a shiny face for a few minutes and then it absorbs so wait before applying makeup. I would not use this as a makeup primer unless your skin is dry.

This brush is soft, dense, well made. Bought to replace a cheaper one that was slowly fading away into nothing. I don't think I will need another one for a long-time. this is a high quality brush.

Well-made brush, soft, dense, high quality. Does exactly what it says and I use it daily. I would repurchase but don't think I will need to for a long time.

my favourite brow highlighter pencil

Cheap, easy to use, perfect colours. I have recently stopped using the shimmery end in favour of my Benefit Watt's Up but still use the matte end under the brow and down the centre of the nose. I have hooded eyes so don't really use much shimmery highlighter on the brow. This is a definite repurchase for me

Does it's job, could be softer but it is perfectly tapered for highlighting/blending. well made, high-quality brush. I have never purchased a dud from this company. Would recommend to anyone.

love it

Does what it promises. Lasts all day ( I always use a primer so not sure what it does without). Easy to apply and quick to blend with a finger. Gorgeous colour. Sets after a minute or so so there is plenty of time to tweak things. I usually hate shimmer on my hooded eyes but definitely don't hate this.


This is better than drug store liners but the colour and texture aren't special despite the fabulous advertising by CT (whom I love). This colour can be found anywhere. I find this longer-lasting than Pillow Talk. I always have a nude and a red liner and at present they are both by CT, will be repurchasing a cheaper option next time.

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