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I think I made out quite nicely

This is my 6xth lucky bag. I think it's my favorite! I took a photo, but I will list what I received. I got a Smith & Cult, a beautiful vampire color Bite your kiss, and yes will be painting my nails with this color very soon. I got a Natasha Denona LOVE Palette, so appropriate for the upcoming day of love. I really like Natasha's makeup line, I also like and enjoy her education on her products over the year, I have learned a lot from her. I also got a Sonia G power one brush, the past boxes I have gotten Wayne Goss so now I have Sonia G to add to my collection. I got the beautiful blush in SACRED from Vanish. Years before I got a highlight and still use it. I also got a good molecules, the retinol eye cream And a Wayne Goss lipstick in Lotus, a beautiful nude created just for my young mom! I was super satisfied with my lucky bag, everything I received will be used!!!

i did not buy this from her

I did buy this from somewhere else at a discounted price, I really like Natasha Denona, like a lot. This was hard to use, I put it on my eyelid, it was not smooth and kinda streaked. So what i use it for know is somewhat as a base for my eye shadow. Will not buy again. But is not the summary of quality of Natasha Denona.

Beautylish resent me this liquid lipstick, the first one was dried up. This one however was perfect. I love this color, I first had it in the Valentine's Day Feline Fancy Collection. I am glad they made it a standard. It is a perfect color.

Great color story

I really enjoy this palette. This makeup last a very long time and does not irritate my eyes.

Least favorite item from Sugarpill

I got more uses out of the box and the bag then the actually makeup. I really like Sugarpill, but it was a dud for me. The shipping was quick and the item was in perfect condition. Everything else I ordered from Sugarpill has been great.

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Issues with skin

This was a good buy. I bought this months ago, still lasting. I don't use anything else. I does not leave a residue. The fragrance is natural. and not overbearing.

On Fleek

Yes, right on point. I have been waiting to order this, it took awhile to be back in stock, but I now I have it, and I sharpened everything i could sharpened,

I am keeping my WG prodcuts

This is the first time I have bought WG makeup. I have received in my two past Lucky Bags, 2 eye shadow brushes. I really enjoyed the makeup. Besides my nudestix I bought I have been using the Imperial Topaz eye palette. I gave the lipstick/ walnut and one of the lip pencils to my Mom. She is also enjoying the makeup. I am not rally big on bronzing, so i have been using the face palette for my cheeks. I also hae used the rich hazel eyeliner and obsidian eyeliner. I can use the Rich Hazel on my water line. I doesn't burn or give me styes. I cannot however use Obsidian on my waterline, i just use it for my eyeliner. I have not used the lip gloss-hibiscus as of yet. I really went back and forth on the purchase. On YT is seemed like everyone was getting the same items, however I never heard a compliant. So I thought iy would be in my best interest to buy this mystery bag for $105. It was really worth it.

Use this with Heavy Makeup

First item to not sting me. I like using this when I have worn heavy makeup, foundation and mascara. Or black eye shadow. I do double cleanse with the other GM face soap.

Great for a distressed look!

I bought this in the past from Sugarpill in a set. It became an empty quickly. I thought I would be this again years later, this time I use it as more of a distress look, and I really enjoy the color.

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