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I really am glad that I bought this set. I have been using these almost daily. I find them incredible easy to use. They do blend nicely. Mu favorite and the reason why I first bought the set was solely Shady Algae. I was so impressed with this set, that I eventually bought the Sun & Sea set. I am very satisfied with each set.

Abosulute must have

I abosolutely love this mascara. I am not a mua, and honestly have never purchased a high end mascara. I naturally have long eyelashes, so it was something I have never considered purchasing plus I have samples. Since venturing into the makeup world full force... I have learned that it is a major necesscity. I wear a lot of different eye makeup and my lashes tend to look dull. With this mascara my lashes curl more and they seem to be doey like. I showed my husband the difference, he was amazed at my eyelashes were longer, shinier, and fuller! There is a slight calming scent and the mascara goes on easy and plentiful.

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