Beauty Product Reviews

Sticky and comes off but nice icy blue

I had to try this color. I'm very fair so it looks horrible on me without a base color. I put it on over a nude to add a little Ivey blue tinge and its neat. I imagine this on a tan person would look better


i love it. it is a bit lavendirish as some have said. i hate the flexible applicator which i don't know what to call a bent odd shaped piece of plastic that feels to have no plush layer to it. if it had a good wand to apply it with this would be a 5 star


it's dry to apply but i need the close contact of the sponge rather than brush bristles. idk about using blender sponges and i would not use a wet beauty blender. be sure u tone n moisturize lightly before applying. u can build it up to cover dark spots ( yea!) and unevenness. I applied this and my powder blush went on like a dream


creepy eye goodbye ! glad i tried this - the lang horizontal creases below my eyes at cheekbone level can be managed much better with this.


the more you add to enhance color depth the more metallic it becomes without much change to color depth. I can't get my lips exfoliated enough to keep this on smooth. as it dries out my lip edges start to flaking and sticking out all over. I am going to put this on top my matte velour jeffree star lipsticks. I am fair irish skin with yellow tones. this is a pretty shade .

great fusion of color but doesn't stay

wish it was more like kevin's or Jeffrey's metallic as far as staying power goes because this is a bit gooey and doesn't ever "set" . it can come off on your coffee cup or get cat hairs stuck in it while yogr cat nuzzles you b4 going to work. i apply in the car and add more during the day and a must reapply after food. but a lovely yummy color!

Perfect for my brows

Well Wayne said it wouldn't work for brows but it does. I wanted a brush not too fine to make harh filled in areas but needed the angle to be steady on my angles. I read other reviews needing a color for my dark brn-blk hair and yes! With the brow powder from Anastasia I can use the two color little dark browns to mix and fill in areas where I have no hairs and my tattoo permanent make up brows need touching up. I don't have brows that need little hairs drawn but a fill and create and shape brush. This is it