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In the past I have not been a huge fan of foundation brushes. This brush has changed my opinion. I like how it doesn’t leave streaks on my face. It blends my foundation in really well leaves a smooth finish. I am a huge fan!

Very nice

Once again his brushes do not disappoint... a couple of them are unchanged except for the hairs and the color but one can always use duplicates of his brushes... I have Many doubles and triples of them. If you have the first face set you might not need the second set. But... if you love his brushes as I do you will want All of them... I have everything he has ever released... except One.... the artist limited edition brush of last year... so I feel like I can speak to the quality and usefulness of all his brushes. They are by far my most reached for... and I am a brush junkie... I have brushes from pretty much every line from real techniques to Tom Ford... I have the Full Set of Billy B brushes Artis, It Cosmetics and many other Full Sets! I will never travel or be without my GOSS brushes and recommended them to all my friends.... Joye


Goes on super smooth and lasts a long time on the skin. Has a beautiful sheen to it without being glitter based. Love it.


My favorite palette of the moment... Wish the applicators were replaced with a nice brush though... For the price I would have liked a Kevyn Aucoin brush... But the products in the palette are wonderful !


I really like this whole set! The brush roll too! I can fit all the brushes I want to take traveling with me in the roll. The Noel brushes are delightful. Perfect size and very soft. Love how well they pick up and apply product. The perfect Christmas gift!

I was skeptical .....

I was sent a sample of this product. I have heard different things about its effectiveness. Some people swear by it and some people think its all rubbish....I wasn't going to invest in it because I wasn't sure about it. After trying a sample of it I have since put one in my cart. I saturated a cotton pad and let it sit on my eye for a bit before wiping...My eye make up and mascara came off without much tugging. It did take a few swipes though...The one thing I LOVED about it though is that it didn't sting my eyes! Just about every other eye make up remover I have ever used Always stings my eyes. This one left my eyes feeling refreshed and moisturized. I will be purchasing a small bottle and giving it a true test now. Thanks Beautylish for the sample...


I love just about everything about this palette. Given its name Dark Mattes, One knows that there will be Dark colors in the entire palette. I wish though that there was just one that was a tiny bit lighter in it so that it could be a One Stop Shop palette, I Do have to bring another into the mix for my brow bone or inner corner of my eye, The colors are beautiful, blend well, and are different than most matte palettes out there. They are large in size so there is no problem getting any brush to fit them. Love.


I have only used a couple of the brushes so far but I like the ones I've used! The powder brush is big and applies an even dusting of powder on my face. The bristles are soft. The pointed shader brush was perfect for detailed work in the outer corner of my eye. Super soft and blends the shadow nicely. I love the length and detail of the handles! I think they are perfect for traveling especially with the brush case!


I Used this brush every day after I received it. It really blends out my eye shadow easily. I love how it stands up on any metal stand. I use a candle lid for my 4 brushes to stand on. This brush is one of my new favorites. I also really like the small size of these brushes. I am not a fan of big huge handles on brushes and this one fits in my hand perfectly. It will be good for traveling as well because it will fit into any small bag.

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Out of all the gel liners I have tried this one is my favorite. I wore it on an overnight flight over seas and then all the next day with no touching up. It looked fresh as when I first applied it. I was very impressed!

Out of all the liners I have tried this one is my favorite. I wore it on an overnight flight over seas and then all the next day, with no touching up. It looked as fresh as when I first applied it. I was very impressed !!