Beauty Product Reviews

Best Stuff Ever!

I just started using the whole system and by far this is the best serum I have ever used. It gets absorbed fast and doesnt leave a gross residue. Also it adds such a great shine. Love It.

Best clenser I have ever used!

Of course being a teenager i would break out all the time, and honestly i probaly tried almost everything. My friend told me about this and well im happy i listened lol. It worked soo well for me my skin was soft and smooth afterwards not tight or dry. That made me happy :)

I bought this foundation on a whim but i ended up using it everyday! It made my skin completely even without cakeyness, which i love. It also didnt clog my pores which is a absolute must for me.

I started using this mascara about a year ago and loved it. I love its big brush and how dramatically long and full my lashes were. Its was a plesent suprise, aside the smell I would recomend this to anyone.