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Good brush

I actually really like this brush. WG 18 was discontinued (I own 4) and although I have 5 Hakuhodo’s of the same brush, I wanted to try this brush. Honestly, buy Hakuhodo. It’s cheaper and handmade in Japan. I believe this Is from China. It’s a little smaller than the WG/Hakuhodo and more expensive. I docked a star for it not being handmade in Japan like WG and Hakuhodo.


What a shame it is limited edition. It’s beautiful. I bought it because of the rare wood used. I don’t intended to actually use it. Since it’s an LE, if you’re looking for a brush like it, the Hakuhodo B5521GBkSL=J5521BkSL is a dupe for the hair. Other than the handle- it’s exactly the same. The both feel the same softness and they are the same shape and size. The pencil brush sans the handle is like the chikuhodo Z

It’s a beautiful brush. Well done Sonia.

My favourite highlighter brush

This is my favourite highlighter brush.

I have a more detailed review on my YouTube channel: elizabeth spencer

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Good brush

It’s a good brush. Well made.

I have a detailed review on YouTube- elizabeth spencer


Instagram elizabethspencer8 you can click the link in my bio


This face brush is very well made. The Japanese artists are extremely talented. The handle is a perfect weight. Beautifully made. I just got them And washed them and it still smells like goat and o hope that dissipates. I knocked one point off because I posted I didn’t like her eye brushes and she blocked me off instagrams and I thought that wasn’t very mature. I don’t like the eye brushes. They are too stiff.

I love this brush but wish it was bigger

I love this brush but I wish it was bigger to give a more diffused bronzer finish. I knocked one star because it was a lot smaller than I expected.

Love this

I love this primer and it’s definitely in my prime rotation. I highly recommend this primer to everyone. It makes my skin so soft. It keeps my make up looking fresh all day long. It also gives me a radiant glow which I adore. This is a primer to buy.


I was so excited to get this brush but it’s a meh for me. The handle is gorgeous but it’s too thick and too heavy. The hairs are really scratchy under the eye which totally shocked me! So disappointed. Pretty to look at but I won’t be reaching for this.

Don’t buy

I just got this brush today. I haven’t even used it and I likely won’t ever. I rarely leave bad reviews but I don’t like this brush. First, it came not perfect. It has a patch of hair that isn’t there leaving a hole in it. Second, while the brush handle is beautiful, it’s too thick and too heavy. If the hairs had come perfect, the hairs are too thick and it’s too large to place product on the lid. Mac and Tom ford still Mac a better than this.

It’s ok

I was really excited to get this brush. I had been eying it for a long time. When I first received it, the hairs were bent. I was not happy about that coming in damaged like that. I washed the brush and it’s seems to be ok enough. The hairs are definitely damaged which is a bummer. It’s very soft. It doesn’t pick up product well. I have used it for powder. It’s fine for dusting off powder but putting on powder...meh. It’s not necessary to have in your collection. There are others that are better.

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