Beauty Product Reviews

Cheapest true orange you will find anywhere.

It is really hard to find a true orange that does not turn yellow or brown when you place it on your lids. This one really is an orange. I guess its named fanta after the orange soda? Its literally an orange soda shade of orange, bright and true.

If you don't like the bottle they come in, its not a big deal, just empty them into a jar. Honestly, I wish more companies used these bottles because its a pain to depot and crush shadows if you like them in loose form like I do, and I really really hate sifters. I feel like I waste more trying to sprinkle them in the lid, so this works better for me, I just put some in my stackable jars and save the rest in the bottle in my beauty overstock.

These are great glitters, the bottle looks small but their is an insane amount of glitter packed in. Also its a bottle, which seems to be a problem for the users below. The opening is small. I stack my glitters anyway so it wasn't a problem for me. I just put them in some 5 stack beading jars from Michaels, this way too, there is only a little glitter in the stack at a time in case I have a glitter catastrophe, it won't all be dust in the wind.