Beauty Product Reviews

Dried out fast

Dried out I bought this product 9 months ago and it has already dried out. I only had one opportunity to use it and I brought it back out to enjoy this summer but nothing will come out of the tube.

Not of the same quality

This palette is not the same quality as the last three eyeshadow palettes that Natasha Denona has released. I only have the Star, Sunset and Lila palettes and this palette is not as pigmented as they are. The colour story and the packaging are A+ and the new shadows are not bad but they are not spectacular like we are used to with Natasha Denona. The worst shadows are exotic, tiger lily, gusti and zena. I think gusti might have been meant to be sheer, but not this sheer, because it barely shows up on my super pale skin. As for exotic and tiger lily they were definitely meant to be pigmented especially looking at Natasha’s Instagram. They were not pigmented on a brush so I tried using my finger and right away they both got hard-pan, the same thing happened with the colour 136cp fuchsia in the Holiday 01 Joya 5pan palette. Last there is zena that is patchy and not very saturated in colour, it is more like a transition colour for the Lila palette. Natasha your shadows used to be so perfect that even though they cost an arm and a leg, they had a lot of product and they were so easy to use, that it was worth the investment. With this new formula this palette is not worth the price. I love that Natasha likes to innovate and I appreciate her artistry, but I hope she goes back to the older metallic shadows that she used to make

What the Stilla magnificent metals should have been

These toppers are so gorgeous. They are definitely damp but these are not a traditional cream shadow. They remind me of the top of Tom Ford cream and powder shadows but they can actually be worked with. They are so good and if you didn’t like the chrome crystals because they where to dusty then you will adore these