Natasha Denona

Chroma Crystal Top Coat

Working with Chroma Crystal Top Coat

Follow along with Natasha as she uses Chroma Crystal Top Coat on bare skin, on top of eye shadow, and more.

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Karen W.
Beautiful color but dries up pretty quickly.

This top coat is beautiful. It's gives your eyes that beautiful glossy look without looking over the top (very work appropriate). No fallout noted either which is amazing. I would have ordered more colors, accept I found that it dried out quickly (compared to Hourglass and Marc Jacobs top coats) and therefore hard to pick up even when trying to apply to my eyelids with fingers. I didn't leave the container open for long periods either so unfortunately I'll be sticking to Hourglass and Marc Jacobs when it comes to top coats because they don't dry up as quickly.

Ronnie R.
Not impressed

Dry and not blendable, only works if I “pat” it on. Would not purchase this formula again.

Brittany B.
Shadow was dried out on arrival

I love the grey-brown color and can make this work if I apply some fix plus, but the shadow is very dry and crumbly -- not like the others I have.


all broken when i received it and contact to the service, after so many days waiting, no one responds.

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Viktoria K.
Stunning, I have nothing else like it. Worth the splurge!

I was very hesitant about buying this, as I am a student and I don't spend that much on one product easily. But it is everything I wanted it to be. Mine came perfectly fine, not dried out at all and the texture is very special, a little like foam and a little bit of product goes a long way.

I wanted a nice, warm toned sparkle for every day, just one product for all over the lid - throw on some mascara and you're good to go. Makes it look like you made an effort, but super wearable and glossy looking!

Couldn't be happier! :)

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Carol  W.

Very pretty glitter and goes with any eye shadow look. More of a glitter than a sheen though. Applies perfectly for extra glam.

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Susan B.
I love it

Really a pretty creamy shadow. Powder melts into cream. Glides on beautifully. And the shine is amazing.

Cathy M.
Not sure - Grey-Brown
Photo of product included with review by Cathy M.

I bought the grey-brown colour because it was a unique shade. I love the concept. I wasn’t sure when I got it if it was how it was supposed to be, but after watching videos I think mine arrived dried out. It’s hard as a rock, not creamy at all. I can rub my finger really hard across the top to get some shimmer. I think it would be a good product if it was creamy. Shame because it’s not cheap.

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everything you thought it was going to be

sheer wet looking crystals that you can use all over... I agree this is pretty similar to the toppers on the Tom Ford eye shadow pots. A tad improved. I use my finger and that works best but I dont like how it makes the pot look a little greasy after use. I tried a brush and it is ok but does not work as well. I still love it and use as an eye glitter on its own, and a topper to finish a look and I love to put a little bit on top of my highlighter because I am so "extra"

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Bianca A.
Great Product

This is a very nice product that comes in a cute glass jar. I have hooded eyes and oily eyelids and I forgot to put on my eyeshadow primer when I first tried this out! So it's a good weartest! So with no primer I applied a pale tan shadow and then topped the shadow with this topper, using my finger. It looked lovely. When I checked my makeup like seven hours later, the tan shadow had migrated to my crease but the topper stayed in place, only slightly faded after so much time. No glitter fall out under my eyes, no migrating to the crease. I really like it.

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