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Saturated highly pigmented beautiful colors!

Quality and color pay off is a 5 I gave this palette 4 stars because it is more orange in my opinion. True bronze has a little more brown like a bronzer. these are much more reddish orange. Very beautiful very warm and I love this palette however I own Sunset and Gold.. this reminds me more of the looks I achieve from my sunset palette. I held off as long as I could on purchasing this palette... but after looking at all of my palettes and youtube I did not have anything in my collection this "warm" .. I still feel there is room for a true brown/bronzy palette and I would buy it in a heartbeat but I do love and enjoy this palette. The only thing missing is a glitter shadow topper.

5 stars for formula 3 stars for color pay off

I have been trying with TF. I have Nude Dip, Disco Dust and Golden Mink... I am sorry they all look just about the same upon application. I am in love with the formula. They look "cooler" upon application than they do in the pan. That is the the pan the colors look splendid! I do like Suspicion.. it is warmer than Nude Dip however not like my ND/PMG palettes. TF palettes create a pretty wearable look but no drama here :-)

Amazing leave in !

I love this serum.. it is just lovely! Leaves my hair soft and shiny on my blowouts! not greasy! not heavy... bottle is very small buta little goes a long way!

Yes you still need this Bronzer

I thought I need not really need it.. but of course that wasn't true! I love glitter, shimmer, sheen, highlighters, and bronzers.. this brings them all together in such a way that no other palette can. I use it and layer it and use it as an eye shadow. The Bronzer works ( I am a MAC NC42 for reference) This palette is perfect for my complexion ! all the colors work and blend beautifully.

Long lasting lovely rose scent

I have fallen in love with the Tom Ford fragrances. I first purchased Champaca Absolute and I have Soeil Blanc and Mandarino di Amalf. They are all a "mood" Café Rose is rosey.. but floral fresh and a slight sweetness but not sugary. I get so many compliment's long after I have sprayed it and long after my nose can sense the fragrance. I love them all but the Café Rose has become my daily signature for now.

like a highlighter mixed with a moisturizer

I give up on Charlotte Tilbury… sorry I tried. Everything that I have purchased .. I am just under whelmed. I purchased the wonderglow as I read that she created it to give that "Jlo Glow". I love luminosity so I decided to try the product. Basically it is a light moisturizer with a soft glow of a highlighter. However it does not play well with other products. The wonderglow balled up and rolled when I applied my Nars creamy concealer. It also balled up with each foundation I applied on top. I then let it dry longer than I do with any other primer/moisturizer type product.. still did not play well. I was able to get it to stay put with applying powder on top. However then the luminosity was lost.. I much prefer my Laura Mercier luminizing primer. That is amazing and plays well with all of my other products. Also the tube of Wonderglow is small.. certainly not worth $55. My skin is oily/normal in good condition no issues to mention. I have a simple skincare routine of cleanser and retinol oil at night and moisturizer as needed.

One Swipe.. Make up gone!

the rave reviews are for good reason. This product does more than expected. Literally gets off ALL eye make up! no struggle and multiple cleansers. I use this first then my face soap and I am squeaky clean! no residue!

Delicious... Velvety.. Sweet Floral ... long lasting my current LOVE

Champaca is a floral.. but this is more.. my current favorite fragrance. I love complex feminine fragrances and Tom Ford delivers!

Soft powdery floral and fresh at the same time? lovey but hard to describe

This is not a strong fragrance. It goes on kind of yellow floral/ powdery but also wears to a kind of sweet fragrance... unique.. best described as feminine and lovely.

Pointless as a highlighter closer to a luminous primer

This is closed to the Laura Mercier Radiant Primer. Becca has a poured highlighter that is much better. This is more like a subtle shimmer lotion. I definitely would not use it as my main primer. The Anastasia fluid highlighter and the Becca poured provide a better highlight if you are looking for a creamy product.

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