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Still love this palette

I purchased this palette after all of the hype as I prefer luxury beauty products and am a sucker for a more neutral palette. I passed on the 2 larger ones offered. I have found that this formula is about the only one that "stays put" on my eye... in that the mobile lid blinking all day does not "blend" my eye shadow into one muttled color by the end of the day. I use MAC pain pot primer with all of my palettes and I love many other ones however Natasha Denona never fails me. When I put these colors on I am going to have a GREAT eye shadow day.. honestly. Now yes I agree the palette gets messy.. and yes the crystal ones have fall out and you MUST apply them with a finger.. and honestly those crystal shadows do not layer at all. If I plan on using one I simply place it on the mobile lid with NO other eye shadow underneath the color.. I work around it. I could go on and on but I am waiting patiently for the sunset palette.

Not what I expected

This is getting rave reviews I understand.. not really working for me. It is chunky glitter that seems to break up all my lip product and cause my lips to peel. I am so sorry.. I love lip gloss and I love glitter... I think the color is nice and I see the instagram photos. and I want it to work for me.. but it is just not. I will play with it some more.. but for now I would not purchase again. I will try the lip gloss... maybe those are better.

The BEST Palette I am in love with Tom Ford eyeshadows

I am in awe. I love high end make up and have purchased many palettes. This beats every palette that I own. I am in love with the texture and how wearable the colors are. The are simply beautiful. I love this pinky Disco Dust palette. The transition color is beautiful, the sheen and the sparkle color adorable.. the dark brown for the crease and liner is perfect. I have found the best, I don't think I will ever buy any other brands... I also purchased the Golden Mink and Nude Dip.... I am in heaven...

I waited to purchase this kit... but really glad it bought it!

Considering the negative reviews I waited to buy this kit. I tested it out when I saw it at Ulta however they were out of stock as most places. For the record my ride or die highlighter is Becca Topaz as I am an NC42 in MAC and it matches perfectly. I bought the Anastasia Glow kit in "that glow" which I use almost daily. Now please remember.. Anastasia is offering this kit as a holiday limited edition, which around the holidays I think we do tend to amp it up with sparkles and glitter!! she is just offering something NEW to the now vast field of highlighters!! I personally LOVE glitter so I am happy that there is a offering with extra dimension sparkle! It is just another fun item to add to your collection for the days that you really want to bling it up! The colors are lovely... bronzy and match most all skin colors... I am thrilled with this pallette and will be using frequently!

Love this palette!

love all of the colors in this palette! I am experimenting with looks and they way she has them placed really helps. I watched Natasha's video on youtube to understand how to work with these shades and that really helped!!! People are complaining about the fall out but she clearly says to use your finger to apply the crystalline shadows!!! ugh!! i get frustrated watching youtubers complain who did not have courtesy to watch the creators demonstration!!! anyway! I found that if you do not want to use your fingers then putting setting spray or something wet on a concealer brush also does a wonderful job. You should also use a tacky primer on the lid or concealer with no powder over it. I love all of the tones I am an NC42 in MAC and Amber or Carmel or Honey in other brands.. to help you with the swatches I have posted. I passed on the 2 larger palettes that came out earlier because of price and the fact that I would never wear all those bright blues, greens, purples etc that were half of each palette. I always lean toward neutral tones warm or cool..

Nice but basic

Yes.. youtube made me buy this one! I admit. I a honestly a MAC girl when it comes to lipstick. All others I have tried are not as pigmented or creamy, when I steer from MAC I am usually disappointed. I think this is a nice but BASIC lipstick nothing to Rave or write home about! It in my opinion is a pinky creamy color. I am an NC42 and LOVE neutral lips. I have gone through so many tubes of Honeylove, Whirl, Myth, Peachstock, Creme dNude, Taupe in MAC. I lined my lips with Oak pencil (MAC) and it looks fine. Formula is creamy and nice. Does not seem to dry out my lips.

Perfect brush

I watch Wayne on youtube.. and I really like him. His videos are so informative and I have learned so much! He used this brush for powdering the under eye area after concealer. Perfection! I am very happy with this purchase.

I love this eye shadow palette! AMAZING

I know that youtube makes you buy so many things.. so I have tried to really be more judicious in my purchases. I have so many palettes by so many companies... you name it I probably have it. Well after the swatch festival on the tube I decided to try these. I am in LOVE! they are the most pigmented smooth high quality long wearing shadows I have. Literally they swatch just like the advertisements! I mostly wear neutral eye looks with more adventurous lip colors. This palette has metallic golds and silvers.. it is simply AMAZING... I now want a matte pallette from this line..

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