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This Works

I purchased for my daughter and it has really helped to mitigate her acne. She uses it at night as instructed like a mask.. and then uses other products from the line as her skin need it. These are the only acne combinations that have been working for her.

I love this as an all over setting powder

I do not use dewy luminous foundations as they make my skin look cakey or they tend to "break up" on my face. I use a thin amount of foundation and set my face with this luminous powder and it is a winner! Gives me the soft radiance that I love.

I use to set my under eye

I cannot use dewy / luminous foundations.. they look awful on my, so I use thin light weight foundations and get the luminosity from setting powder.. the combination for my skin is perfect. This is a yellowish powder that is perfect for my under eyes as a brightening powder. I do not wear much concealer at all if any and this really accomplishes a finished look for me.

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glittery joy!

This product is exactly what it says! If you need a glittery sparkly product , this is it. You can use dry or with a little setting spray. Either way it works! I bought the gold color and love it.

Hourglass can do better

They should be ashamed of this powdery mess. I love hourglass. I use their face powders which I own multiple shades and bronzer, foundation stick ( which I have repurchased 3 times) . I had high expectations on these eye shadows. I love neutral colors so I bought the matte palette. I am attaching photos so you can see it was a struggle to give a finger swatch( no primer), then for the swatch with a brush ( MAC 242, painterly paint pot primer) I had to dig in several time and keep swiping to give you a decent swatch. The eye shadow was a struggle to apply, I kept dipping into the palette over & over & over and it still barely looked like I was wearing anything at all. I finally was satisfied with my neutral look and by the time I got home from work my eye shadow was basically gone. I am an NC42 MAC/ 41 DIOR/ Syracuse NARS

everything you thought it was going to be

sheer wet looking crystals that you can use all over... I agree this is pretty similar to the toppers on the Tom Ford eye shadow pots. A tad improved. I use my finger and that works best but I dont like how it makes the pot look a little greasy after use. I tried a brush and it is ok but does not work as well. I still love it and use as an eye glitter on its own, and a topper to finish a look and I love to put a little bit on top of my highlighter because I am so "extra"

subtle sheen...

I love highlighters. This is not blinding nor glittery.. very close to my skin tone but on the cool side. Different than any of my other highlighters. I love it nonetheless. When I want that natural "sheen" and soft dewy looking skin I will be wearing this. I also have used it to layer ... I place this on my face and then a brighter highlighter on the very top of my cheekbone.. very pretty

Pretty shimmer but would not buy again

The whipped cream like shadow pot is pretty and goes no smooth and beautiful makes an easy summer eye look.. the shimmer topper is a glittery wonder as well. The issues are not the way they go on & look... the whipped formula will dry out on you and the glitter topper will get an oily nasty film is you rub your fingers in it frequently. I think this is the type of product good for about 1 summer and then throw it out. If you are traveling and need a products that travels well and has multiple uses then probaly perfect.. but if you just think you need another expensive product to add to your collection.. I say pass and just pick up one of the eye shadow quads.. colors are just as beautiful and the product will stay sanitary longer.

Another must have- so sorry

Yes.. we cringe at the price but the colors are pretty and creamy and do not crease.. blend beautifully and every time I wear this palette I always get compliments or ladies ask me which palette I am wearing. My eye shadow will not crease and stay all day but washes off easily with my basic CeraVe facial soap. I have been trying NOT to buy the Lila palette but I think it is calling my name....

Jouer Lives up to the hype on this highlighter

creamy wet looking formula... very gold.. so I use this on the top of my cheekbone and another one just underneath it's perfect...

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