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Beauty Product Reviews

Great formula, poor color match

Thanks to Tiffany in a prior review, i ordered samples from KohGenDo and recieved 4 colors. I could not find a match. 3 of the colors off the bat were far too light - and I am about a NC25-NC30 skin tone. 123 was close but too pink. The 4th (143) was quite orange for my yellow/olive skin and looked unnatural. Mixing the darker 2 shades (123, 143) I could have gotten close, but I found this a hassle not worth it for the price. For the record the formulas in person are much lighter in person then they appear online. No surprise I guess.

The up side is that the formula seemed great - very natural looking and did not emphasize flaking or dryness, which I get since i use retin A. I cannot speak to longevity as the samples only lasted a 2 days.

great at first..... then it was a daily nuisance

so - i wanted to love this after reading all the stellar reviews. i've tried so many high end and drug store faves, plus all the youtube hypes... lots of hits and misses. i was hopeful!

now this one was amazing out of the package, for the first week or two. my lashes looked great - volume, length, good brush, no clumping or flaking. Yay! BUT THEN, a couple weeks into it, there seemed to be always be a TON of extra product every time i removed the wand. I tried wiping the excess against the rim, then later on a tissue - either way it was time consuming and i was left with random clumps from too much product - not to mention wasting all that wiped-off product. i assume this is because the small rubber ring on the inside isn't designed well enough to remove the right amount of product as you pull the wand out. so sad.

i've tried to make this work for a few weeks, but the constant wiping and fussing to get off the extra product..... ain't nobody got time for that.

sorry superhero.

wanted to love this.... didn't live up to the hype

Well, can't see what the all the fuss is about. This color washed out my medium olive skin tone and was very unflattering. Worse, it dried out my lips. Back it goes.

broken out of the box

I wanted to love this as I had seen Karima McKimmie rave about it and it reminded me my one true brow love - a Revlon product from 10 years ago that had inserts like a mechanical pencil lead the size of this one into a black and gold metal "pencil." Best drugstore product of all time until they discontinued it. I've tried them all - abh, kevin acouin, you name it. But none allow that precise but natural individual hair look.

The formula of this seems good and long lasting the one time I used it, but a good 5 mm was broken out the box and I couldn't justify fussing with reinserting it to have it fall out every time I took the cap off. Thankfully the great service allows a return.

Gonna give it another go. Fingers crossed.