Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for high-pigment blushes

I waited a long time for this to come back in stock, and it was worth the wait. It is just as soft as I expected it to be (I have a few other Goss brushes that I am very impressed with as well), and in fact it may even beat the #02 as my favorite! I love cheek products, and I have a ton of blushes, including a good variety of very pigmented shades. Unfortunately I can be a little heavy-handed, and sometimes I can take my look from cute to crazy if I'm not careful. This blush is the solution - it's so diffuse and feathered that it's nearly impossible to over-apply blush. I have been rocking fuchsia and deep red blush all week long because this brush will dust the perfect touch of color on my cheeks. It's nice for super-intense highlighters as well. So very happy with it!

Emollient, pleasant

I bought this to bump my total up to the free shipping threshold, and I firmly believe that one can never enough lip balms. This is really nice! It's reasonably priced and glides on really smoothly - it is not waxy at all. The actual stick of balm is cut on an angle - a little unusual but certainly not problematic. I was surprised at the cherry scent - I expected either unscented or maybe a light herbal scent from Bioderma, but it's not bad. The packaging is reminiscent of Caudalie's balm, but this balm is slicker, glossier, softer - I prefer this one between the two. I'd buy it again for sure.