Beauty Product Reviews

e.l.f Blush, Bronzing, and Blending Brush

This multi-tasking brush does it's job just like it's my most used brush, it's good and my favorite brush to use for different make-up jobs.I like the price, of course. It helps me with contouring my cheeks and blending afterwards. This is my most used and favorite brush.

e.l.f Foundation Brush

I love using this brush when applying my foundation, I like to use a small amount that way I don't look cake-ey. This brush helps leave a smooth finish on my face I like to use it for foundation and tinted moisturizer and sometimes I even use it with concealer.

C shaped Eye Shadow Brush

I love this eyeshadow brush, I use it all the time. It's great to use on wet and dry eye products. It's helps me create an awesome looking smokey eye and the price for the brush was only $2.00. I bought it at Target, but I've also shopped at the website

My go to Face wash product.

This is my favorite face wash to use. I've been using this product for years now and I love it. It leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed, it has a scent that smells really good, and almost helps waking me up.