Beauty Product Reviews

yep its that good

I got this back in september, and use it everyday for school unless I decide to take that two days a month when I stighten my hair! :) I LOVVVEEE THISS!! if u like big curls, ringlets, soft waves... this is prefect


It took me two weeks to get my hands on this pallet and I just got it yesterday and I love it, it goes perfectly with my Naked 2 pallet and even on its on it creates the most beautiful looks, my friend got hers before me and its her everyday, I just used mine today and I love it! PERECT for teens in highschool and on the go :)

pretty simple but I got for free with the BB cream and it made it in my everyday routine within a day because its so good. It's great for everday liner, even when doing a very thin line I tend to put it only on one side and press it into my lash line and it would so well. I havent tried it with gel only powder but that may be because I dont own gel :)

Love it

I really so love this foundatio, great coverage and feel light and best of all I can wear it because i goes to a very light shade with pink undertones. I wear 110