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Best Lipgloss EVER!

I am OBSESSED with liplicious! Its the best lipgloss i've ever tried and i've tried quite a few! Its thick enough for me but not too chunky! PLus it smells and tastes delicious! I have bubblegum, cotton candy and mixed berry (not a fan of)! I highly reccomend these ! And the price is good for this quality! (~$8)

A little watery but still good quality!

My only complaint is that mine was a little watery! I only have one and its in ocean blue and its okay! It does do what it claims to do (easy glide brush, good shades, hard, etc.) For me this also took awhile to dry! But maybe i just got a bad bottle? Oh well(:

câlins et de baisers treize fois (Hugs and Kisses times 13),

BelovedBeauty13 @

Love it ! <3

I have one single in Prom Queen...and i love it. Its a very pretty pink shimmery color! It does tend blend with my pencil eye liner but otherwise i reccomend it. I hope to try more shades in the future! (:

I enjoyed it (:

I bought this brush from the dollar tree and love it. Great quality for its price, definetely worth it! The only problem I had was that the metal part broke off the wooden handle so I just taped it and problem solved!

If i could go back i wouldnt buy it again

This is the only e.l.f. product I own (besides a brush) and I'm a little disappointed. Here's an overall view of each feature: Eyeshadows: 3/5 stars; I did really like the eyeshadows so I would buy those alone Cream shadow: 1/5 stars; hate it but 1 star for effort Blush: 3/5 stars; its a pretty good blush Bronzed: 4/5 stars; love it but I don't wear much bronzer Brow Powder: too light Lip Stuff: 1/5 stars; 1 star for effort otherwise bleach! But I do really LOVE the packaging. So small and convenient. Great for school.