27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection

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Saphora O.

i buy most of my stuff from E.L.F because it really works and gives the beauty you want!!! Great way for beginners who dont want to spend to much money, i get mine at Target, the highest E.L.F price there is $6 everything else is $1...but when i go out and want a really cool look with bright colors and cool effect, i always go to ULTA and get my Naked pallets or NYX supplies or MAC...it depends on what i need, but other than that i give ELF a 4/5 stars because some ELF products do not last longer than 5 hours...

Payton K.
If i could go back i wouldnt buy it again

This is the only e.l.f. product I own (besides a brush) and I'm a little disappointed. Here's an overall view of each feature: Eyeshadows: 3/5 stars; I did really like the eyeshadows so I would buy those alone Cream shadow: 1/5 stars; hate it but 1 star for effort Blush: 3/5 stars; its a pretty good blush Bronzed: 4/5 stars; love it but I don't wear much bronzer Brow Powder: too light Lip Stuff: 1/5 stars; 1 star for effort otherwise bleach! But I do really LOVE the packaging. So small and convenient. Great for school.

Tam G.

I got this recently with my purchase online and I really like it. Not usually a fan of kits like this but everything wears nicely and can't really complain. I really like the lip glosses. Glad I received it!