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Lip Glaze


Maria K.
Love it!!

I love this!! I don't usually wear lip gloss (like the ones from VS) bevause they're too sticky and my hair gets in them. But this one's different! I love the consistency of the product, the color and the smell!!

Laaya A.

I really like this lip gloss because it gives off pigment plus a nice lasting gloss. I don't really like using lip gloss but this one is beyond my favorite so far (The MAC one too) I'm happy with this product and I would definitely buy this again!

Santana V.
Love it... mmm

i have this in limted edition "lemongrass" love the smell & the copper nude color. looks pretty with my skin color. if the color come sup again, ima buy 2.

Tiara R.
sexy red lip gloss

I love this shade for days i want to wear a red lip with out applying a red lipstick. I love the way this color feels and how the product stays on the lips and the color is beautiful its one of my favorites

Rachele H.
Love these!!!

I make a point to buy the holiday set each and have for the last few years, and I'm so glad I have. Still makes a color called Guava that is my lip color but better. They are slightly sticky but I like that in a lip gloss because they stay better. They are a little spendy for a lip gloss but if you wait for the holiday sets its worth it.

Jordan V.

This lip glaze is absolutely amazing! I would buy this product for sure! I was given it to me for Christmas from my Aunt. Amazing shade selection, beautiful beautiful colours. I like the applicator. I wish there was a bit more product inside but other then that it was fantanbolous!

Angel F.
right amount of pigment and good staying power

I love how it delivers just the right amount of color to my lips. The consistency is thick but not goopy, just enough to have good staying power for a lipgloss. The twist pen applicator though means you have to be careful not to twist too much since the ligloss comes out slow.

Julianne J.
Review on the Fiesta Set lip glaze trio

Last year there was a summer themed lip glaze trio which featured the shades Kitten, Maraca and Pinata. The set was 12 dollars at Sephora near the register, and I had already planned on getting it, since these have been so hyped over the years. I have a Stila shadow palette which is great so I figured the glosses would also be great! The click pen is OK- it does get a little gloopy on the brush which will transfer to the cap, but that's easy enough to clean if it gets too messy. I feel like it takes a little while to crank the product up and you usually will get more than a lip application's worth, but that's OK. You also don't get a ton of product in these pens- only .05 fl. ounces. To me, that's OK since I only use these occasionally. Texture wise they are thick and sticky but that a good thing because it insures your gloss won't simply evaporate off your lips or fade away, as most cheap glosses do. The plastic brush head works well enough for application but I can't guarantee it is sanitary- its really meant for personal use, although you could sanitize it if you needed to. Cons aside, I don't mind a little goopiness if it serves the purpose of lengthening wear time!

Color wise Kitten is probably my fave of the trio (I realized she is missing and am a wee bit panicky). Its a color that is in the permanent line if you will, and I assume its included in their other sets- possibly the holiday ones? Its a gorgeous pinky/nude/beige color with golden micro-glitter if I can recall accurately. I love it over nude lipstick, its an excellent companion. Maraca is a light, sort of medium pink, no glitter but high shine and has a fruity smell. It also would work great over a nude or light pink lippie. Pinata is a fun one- bright, juicy pink with gold micro-glitter and a fake peach/fruity smell. I like pairing this will purple on the eyes.

The package these came in was also cute- little colorful polka dots all over! So, all in all I really like these, but they are not 100% fuss-free. They all provide tremendous shine and great, durable, color pay off. They are very pigmented glosses, but not as much as a liquid lipstick. If you're tired of your lip glosses fading, losing shine or appearing pigmented in the package but wear only clear on, I've got the answer for you! These are one of those products that is more worth the hype it receives and maintains!

Megan Y.

I really like the color of this, and how easy it is to apply. It can be a bit thick if you're too heavy handed with the applicator, but in general it's a nice consistency, covers well, and lasts fairly long for a gloss.

Jordan V.

I like the applicator. But not a lot of product comes in it. I found that this color didnt show up that well on my pigmented lips. But over lipstick it was amazing! I would repurchase!