One Step Correct


Nakia G.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this face primer! It makes my heart light up, its so good!

Stila came up with a line of "one step" products that include foundation, one step lip/eye/cheek color, and a primer! They are PERFECT for busy girls with little to no time to do makeup. Ive been recommending these products to all my busy Momma friends and they adore them.

Colored primers are used to correct complexion problems. Green for redness, purple to brighten dull skin, even out yellowness/counteract discoloration & minimize the appearance of wrinkles, PINK to brighten, .. or you can just get a basic primer to prep skin for base. Stila created a primer that corrects everything in one pump! It takes the guess work out finding the right primer and corrects multiple complexion problems at once, hence- "Stila One Step Correct".

It comes out in what looks like ribbon candy. All the colors are swirled out when you pump the product out. It has a jelly like texture and glides over the face. You can actually FEEL it working. It tingles on your face as its tightening everything up.

It has changed my foundations. I feel more confident when I use this product bc I know Im glowing and looking completely flawless!

This product is an absolute must have and has improved my skin because Im creating a barrier between my skin and my foundation, so products dont get into my pores. I feel like you end up saving money in the long run because youre not spending as much on skin care products because you dont have as many problems if you use a primer. In the end, you end up spending less by getting just a few key products. This is going to help you stretch your face makeup because problems you normally try to "cover up" are corrected by an all in one primer. You basically dont have to work as hard correcting "flaws".

Definitely invest in this product! I PROMISE it is well worth it! If you dont believe me, go get a sample at Sephora. They will be more than happy to make you one, and you can see how awesomely fantasitcally genius this product is!

Good luck dolls!

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Pipi C.
I love it but my best friend didnt like it! Great product but not for everyone.
Pipi C.'s Review Image

When you see this product at the store counter, i am 95% sure that you would give it a closer look. Very intriguing--veryyy DNA-ish?

Stila's One Step Corrector had been in the market for over a year. It was early last year (2011) got a hold of it when my bff C gave me this product as a random gift and now I am on to my 2nd bottle and writing a review for you, friends.

What it does?

It is a corrector, anti-aging skin care, brightener, moisturizer, and silicone-free primer in one. True for me but not for everyone.

Primer. Works to prime skin and hold makeup products for longer time than usual.

Concealer. You see that green, peach, and lavender swirlies? They do work miracles for my skin. This product gives my skin light coverage which helps in the process of building cover on to the areas that needs a lot of concealing*. Personally, i like the idea that the first product i put on my face already helps in that aspect. Also helps even out my skin, now i dont really have to put so much foundation on.

Brightener and Moisturizer. It helps brighten my skin also leaves it with a dewy glow finish (best for spring and summer). There were days when i lack sleep and i just look like a disaster. This helps in moisturizing my skin and makes it glow (like naturally). Look at the picture below and judge for yourself.

Over all? If you have an oily skin like me, then this is a good product to invest in especially if you have dry skin because i am more than sure that it will work more wonders for you. However, if you have a sensitive skin-- i cannot really tell. I have a friend who used the same product but did nothing on her skin (she has sensitive skin), leaving her disappointed and feeling "meeeeh" about the product.

This product is a little expensive (Php 1,700) but gets the job done. If you're looking for a primer + moisturizer + brightening serum in one, you may want to try this out. It works perfectly.

If youre working on a budget, you can ditch your face mist and moisturizer next time you go shopping and get this multi-tasking product, instead.

*To help you understand, i have extra active oil glands making my skin dramatically oily than others. I do have light pimple scars and at the moment dealing with three dry pimples (crossing my fingers) that they dont leave any unwanted marks on my face. Little bit of uneven skin tone on the areas of my cheeks towards the temples, they look burned and a little darker and very light smile marks.

Love and Peace, Poppy

Elle A.

This primer does exactly what it promises, brightens your face! It doesn't completely get rid of redness, but after applying just a dab you get instant luminosity. I did notice it especially helped darkness around my eye area. It's also very gentle which is good for my sensitive skin.

Anneka F.
Fantastic primer!

One of my favourite primers - it has all the colour correctors you need to neutralize, brighten and correct. Not drying at all and doesn't make me oily, smoothes my skin and helps minimize my pores on my nose. Foundation goes on so nicely over this, this is a must have for me.

Kaitlin K.

I really liked this from a primer aspect--it did seem to make a bit of difference in my oily skin and I liked the correction factor. However, it made me break out immediately, just like Smashbox's primer did. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, try another one.

Rosie A.

I bought this product on a total whim - I have a lot of redness on my face so I'm constantly on the lookout for products that claim to help cover it - and I happened to stumble across this. As you can imagine I was pretty happy to find something I was actually looking for, rather than green-toned stick concealers which go patchy and dry on my skin. I've been trying this out every day for two weeks or so now and I do think it has a nice consistency and feels more hydrating than some of the other primers I've tried (there have been quite a few!) and it keeps make up on all day. However, I have to say that I can't tell any difference at all when I'm wearing this in terms of colour correction - judging on the effectiveness on the green corrector. I can also say that it hasn't helped minimise my pores at all. I am thoroughly disappointed with this product as it is very expensive and doesn't work for me. I will not repurchase.

Myranda B.

at first I was excited to try this primer.. Mainly because if looked awesome & it was one of the first primers I tried! I was disappointed though.. I don't feel like it made any difference know the look of my make up or in the "color correction" actually it felt really thick & oily & made my makeup look thick. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Kristen W.
Worst primer ever!

I have no idea what the other reviews are talking about. This stuff did not work for me at all, It made my skin greasy no matter how little I used and I have no idea where they got the "correct" idea from. It made no difference in how my skin looked or felt, other than greasy. I tried letting it absorb for ten minutes but that made no difference. My foundation lasted for maybe an hour with this stuff. I can see where this may be fine for dry skin, but otherwise, do not waste your time and money.