Studio Eyebrow Kit


Sarah T.
Looks Great :)

I bought this in ash as i have very light and fine ash blond hair and the colour is great for me, i might try the light one too for a little more definition. Stays all day, doesn't smudge, doesn't give you the "brows drawn on with crayons look" One of my favourite elf products :)

Melissa J.

Probably the only product that I put in the "love" category from e.l.f. The ash color matches my natural hair pretty well. My eyebrows are very blonde, a lot lighter than my hair, and this product gives my face some contrast. lol.

Annie G.
better look with less make up!

I absolutely love this little box! I worked on my eyebrows to shape them and they look good, but they're not thick or as dark as my hair, and they seem missing in flash photos! I was going to order light colour, but then I read some reviews that said light colour was reddish and medium was too dark to brown hair. Ash matches perfectly as it only adds darkness to the natural colour ( it doesn't make your eyebrows look blonde or something! ). Love how arranged eyebrows frame the eyes!

Amymay W.
Definitely a re-purchase!

This is the first wax I have used on my brows and I feel like I don't even need to try anything else! Its really inexpensive and it stays on my brows really well. I don't have the thickest or darkest brows (sometimes I tint them though). I change my hair from blonde to light brown to dark brown all the time, but I still get the lightest one. The powder is a little light, but still works. I use my own powder though. But the light grey is nice as an eyeshadow!

I love it! I just think it would be better if they sold the wax on it's own!