Beauty Product Reviews

I absolutely love this cream eyeliner. I used another brand before, high-end, and I very much prefer a simple $3.00 eyeliner over that one any day. In fact, I felt that the E.L.F. one has a far better staying power than the high-end one. The pigmentation is there, and it lasts 8+ hours on me without fading or smudging.

I ended up getting this because of the reviews I kept seeing. Luckily for me Ivory matched perfectly to my skintone (normally an issue with drugstore brands for me). The coverage is good, I haven't noticed it oxidizing on my face either. Haven't any issues with blending either. The only problem I have, and it could be due to it being winter, is that it seems to be rather drying. Other than that, it comes in second next to me HG.

Revlon polishes are normally the polishes that I gravitate towards because I've never had any issues with any of them. The colors are gorgeous. I've had certain ones last up to 4 days without chipping or any tip wear.