Beauty Product Reviews

My everyday mascara!

I love this mascara! It goes on easily and my lashes are defined. I always use it dialed to 3 and it takes little to no effort to apply, perfect for a quick application. Oh and the brush is nice too!

Nasty film left behind that burns like crazy.

This product left a film behind after it dried that you would think should be absorbed into the skin with a minimal amount applied to the eye area, a little but really does go a long way . I can handle the film for night time application for the day time who wants to walk around with a film around the eye area, not good at all. But the deal breaker for me is how it burned the eye area where it was applied, not great especially since I have sensitive skin and eyes. This is the one product in their line that is just not for my skin.

Perfect Brush and Blackest Black Color

I love this mascara brush and the rich color. It gets to the base of the lash line and coats the lashes amazingly with the richest black color. The only downside is that it will clump on you if you don't apply it quickly before it dries. I must say that I love the way this feels going on, it's hard to explain really.

Not Reactive After Using

Got this to try out for 30days to see if it really was for sensitive skin and no reaction to the product what so ever! So happy to find a product line that feels good on the skin without all the harsh chemicals that go along with it.