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Worth the Wait

I completely understand all the rage around Jeffree Star's Androgony liquid lipstick. It's the perfect shade of mauve and plum. I use MAC Lip liner in Plum to give a little more dimension to my lips and contrast the color a bit. It glides on like water and has amazing staying power. Beautiful.

Another Amazing Moursi Product!

If you've tried other MM skincare products or participated in the bootcamp, you're a convert. After one month of committing to MM, you've witnessed REAL results. Then you begin to wonder about other products in the line and suddenly internal war ensues. You try to justify paying $160 bucks for a moisturizing oil after having already investing a small fortune. You know you don't need this magic potion so you read and re-read the reviews and the product description and resolve for yourself, 'If I don't like it, I can always return it for a refund.' You cave, charge it and then lickity split, 2 days later it arrives on your doorstep. You rip open the package and stop to appreciate the personalized handwritten note from Beautylish. You marvel over the lovely hand-writing and wish they would sign their name to the card. Aren't we friends?

Anyhoo, as you begin your evening skin cleansing ritual, you're excited about integrating a new product into your regimen. I used this oil in lieu of the refining lotion one evening. It smells FANTASTIC!! Literally two drops was enough to cover my face and neck. It's light weight, not oily or greasy and gives you a beautiful healthy glow. I finished with using a dab of the anti wrinkle cream. But here is the kicker...I awakened the next morning with skin softer than a babies bum!!! It was remarkable!!

Because of the cold dry climate here in CT, hydration is essential. Per Alicia's recommendation, I also use a drop with the oxy cellular renewal cream in the morning. My skin looks plump, healthy and hydrated.

Yesterday, I was running a little late for work and didn't have time to apply my make up before leaving the house. Just eyeliner and mascara. That's it. Please understand that I NEVER EVER EVER leave the house for work without having my 'face' on. But I had no choice. After the meeting, a female colleague asked me what I had been using on my skin. She said, 'Your skin is gorgeous and you look so young.' She's 29 and I'm 49. Wink Wink.

Ladies, if that's not an endorsement, I don't what is. I have zero guilt.

Worth the Wait

Ladies I can see why Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick flew off the shelves when it first launched at Beautylish. I just received my first liquid lipstick in Unicorn Blood. It is gorgeous! It's virtually weightless yet glides on and dries to a beautiful matte deep rust color. Perfect for fall/winter. Lips must be exfoliate and primed before application to prevent drying.

Jump on the BECCA Bandwagon!

Ladies the BECCA afterglow palette is my first exposure to this cosmetics line. When I first received the palette, I cringed a bit (insert emojicon bearing teeth) because the colors looked light for my warm skin tone. I must say, for women with warmer complexions, this palette REALLY works! In particular, my favorites are the Wild Honey and Flower child mineral blushes. The give you a luminous look that's natural. Your skin glows without the glitter. You look like you have gorgeous healthy skin. I also like the versitility of the palette. I used Rose Gold and Topaz as shimmering highlighter on my cheek bones and eyes. Radiant skin that looks flawless. I finished the look with Jeffree Star's liquid velour lipstick using Gucci' lip liner in Lush Maroon and looked and felt like a million bucks!

This palette will be a mainstay in my makeup arsenal. It should be in yours too...

Awesome Sauce for your Face!

The Dual Action Serum is a must have in your skincare regimen. I use it with Mila's gel cleanser and pH Balancing Toner. It's lightweight and very hydrating. Although its recommended that you use 4 to 5 pumps, I use 2 and achieve great coverage for my face and neck. This product works well under make up. I'm currently using KA's Sensual Skin Fluid Liquid Foundation.

Superior Night Cream

I use all of the Mila Moursi skincare products. Small fortune? Yes, but worth it. I use this product after washing my face with the foaming cleanser. I use the pH Toner next and then apply the refining lotion. I wait 5 minutes before using the anti wrinkle cream. In the morning I awaken to soft, supple beautiful skin. Love it.

Superior Day Cream!

Love this product! I am a Mila Moursi convert. I use this product each morning after applying the dual action serum. It's light weight weight yet super hydrating! It feels great under make up. Your skin just glows after using this product.

Oh Yeah... You Would Want To Do This

I was invited to participate in the Mila Moursi bootcamp a little more than two months ago. I wanted to use all of the products for several weeks before writing a review.

The Beautylish team was really generous in helping me get started. Alicia helped me identify the products that would work best for my skin type. I must say, I had a mini stroke when she told me how much the products cost! But, confident that I would like the products, they sent me the cleanser and toner for FREE. Who does that? That was a $150 savings! (Love you Nils). I purchased the refining lotion, the dual action serum and the anti-wrinkle creme and did the 3 month payment option.

I was hesitant to use the refining lotion because of the amount of glycolic acid in it. I do use chemical peels, but typically once a month. I must admit, I have 'good' skin and I didn't think I would notice any major change in my skin after using this product.

It did take a few days for my skin to 'adjust' to the products. I used the refining lotion every other night, to reduce skin sensitivity. But what I realized was that the refining lotion was slowly but surely improving the texture of my skin. The dark spots I had on my cheek from acne scarring were dramatically reduced after one week! I was sold on this product.

After using the refining lotion in combination with the anti wrinkle creme at night, I noticed that the tone and clarity of my skin significantly improved as well. I use the dual action serum and the oxy cellular renewal cream in the am.

My skin looks so fantastic I often don't wear any make up at all on the weekend. This is huge for me! I never did this before Mila. At work a colleague that I've known for at least 7 years told me my skin looks like, 'peaches and creme'. She insisted that I tell her what I was using on my skin. I literally had to show her the Beautylish site and walk her through what I use. You can't get a better compliment. I regularly receive compliments on my skin. People are always shocked to learn that I'm 49.

My make up application is also enhanced since using the Mila skincare regimen. I actually use far less product to achieve flawless results.

Just an aside: I should also share that I drink about 2 liters of water daily and I must have my green smoothies a few times a week. I don't do sugar. This too helps with having great skin.

I never thought I would replace my NIA24 products, but I have. Yes, it is expensive but, after two months the only product I have had to replenish thus far was the dual action serum. A little truly goes a long way. I decided to try the Rejuvenating Serum next based on Alicia's recommendation. Lawd have mercy!

I am truly pleased with this product. I'm worth it...and so are you!

At Last...

I give Viseart 2 thumbs up. It's an excellent buy for the amount of product you receive. I purchased the Sultry Muse and loved it so much I purchased Neutral Mattes a few weeks later. I'm just waiting for Beautylish to carry the Parisian palette so I can buy that one too. I love the rich warm hues in both palettes. The colors blend well and are long lasting. I use these shadows everyday. You'll love them.

Baume de Rose is a Bust

Ladies, I received my sample of the famed by Terry Baume de Rose lip balm. I admit that I am a make up junkie, and I have made some ridiculous purchases in my life, however, this will not be one of them. I refuse to add this to my list of bone head make up mistakes. 'Meh' is all I can say about this product. There is no way I can justify $60 for this lip balm. I don't reach for this when I want to hydrate my lips, I grab my lip balm by 'fresh'. It's a better quality product and more reasonably priced. You can get 3 for the price of just one of these. They smell nice and are lightly tinted. Just sayin'...

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