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Afterglow Palette


Janine B.
This Palette Rocks!!
Photo of product included with review by Janine B.

I loooove this palette. It contains five of the most beautiful shades I have ever seen in terms of highlighters/blush. The theme of this palette is most definitely a warm Rose-Gold, PERFECT for fall. I always start to warm up my makeup around this time of year, to go with paler skin and fall wardrobe hues. This palette produces the most gorgeous warm glow. The quality of these powders is superb, as they are very finely milled. I am wearing a mixture of all of the colors in this picture, which I applied with my Chikuhodo/Beautylish Highlighter brush..the perfect brush for applying these shades so they blend seamlessly. I think this is also a great deal for the amount of product you get and the fact that you get so many options to choose from in one palette. This palette is a must have!!

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Trisha W.
1 many options!
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This is a fantastic palette and every shade is wearable and gorgeous! This was my first time using any of the Becca blushes and these 2 shades are perfect for adding a rosy glow to your cheeks. And between the 2 shades my favorite is actually mixing them together or layering them on my cheeks. I feel like you get that next level glow! Moonstone is a cult classic highlight and is so radiant and bright without being ashey and rose gold is a nice subtle way to highlight cheekbones for more of an everyday glow. With my fair skin topaz works best as an eye shadow and helps set off my blue eyes. I am so happy they included it for my friends with deeper skin tones! If you are medium-deep every shade will be beautiful on your cheeks and cheek bones! Some people complain about the pan size but I think this palette is a great Becca sampler or starter for people who don't have the full size versions yet. I personally have both and love the ease and convenience of the palette. Additionally the Wayne Goss #2 brush fits perfectly in these pans and is the ideal companion brush for this palette. So if you don't have that brush yet you might as well add it to your cart!

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Joanna A.
Make Up Artist Kit Must Have

I love this palette, it has a great range of colors in one small easy to carry palette. I do wish the palette was slightly larger because all of these colors are gorgeous and beautiful on an array of skin tones - I'm afraid I'm gonna go through this quick! The amazing thing about Becca's highlighters are that they are more illuminating than they are glittery. This is HUGE, because when you're trying to create a "dewy", "healthy" glow, glitter doesn't work, that just makes the look glam.

The palette is really fun, you can really use all the colors to sculpt, highlight add definition or even as eyeshadow. I especially liked the two blushes, "Flowerchild" is a pretty pink that doesn't deliver a "doll" like color and "Wild Honey" is just beautiful, its great over a little contour or used to subtly sculpt the nose. "Moonstone" is gorgeous in the tear duct, cheekbone, nose and chin. "RoseGold" can be applied over "Flowerchild" and to nicely blend with "Moonstone" over the cheekbone. The texture of this palette reminds me a little of the Hourglass Ambient lighting palette, which is a high end gorgeous palette too - except that the Becca costs less and features more colors and delivers more of a punch.

I can't wait to use this on an upcoming show, I'm sure its gonna look beautiful on all the different colored girls. This palette really is worth the price, go and get it!!

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Nadia W.
Jump on the BECCA Bandwagon!

Ladies the BECCA afterglow palette is my first exposure to this cosmetics line. When I first received the palette, I cringed a bit (insert emojicon bearing teeth) because the colors looked light for my warm skin tone. I must say, for women with warmer complexions, this palette REALLY works! In particular, my favorites are the Wild Honey and Flower child mineral blushes. The give you a luminous look that's natural. Your skin glows without the glitter. You look like you have gorgeous healthy skin. I also like the versitility of the palette. I used Rose Gold and Topaz as shimmering highlighter on my cheek bones and eyes. Radiant skin that looks flawless. I finished the look with Jeffree Star's liquid velour lipstick using Gucci' lip liner in Lush Maroon and looked and felt like a million bucks!

This palette will be a mainstay in my makeup arsenal. It should be in yours too...

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Christa S.
Pigmented and Stunning

Everything about this palette is beautiful, from the shades to the packaging they're in. Moonstone has easily become my favorite highlighter (if you haven't tried any BECCA products, this would be a great palette to purchase--and begin your addiction) and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the other shades as well! You can achieve such a gorgeous glow with just this palette. I think it has something for everyone and would definitely compliment a variety of skintones. Love!

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Carla  E.

Every shade is extremely pigmented! I love applying the moonstone highlighter on the highest points of my cheeks, spraying my face with fix +, and then adding more of the highlight!

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Christine K.
Great palette of colors

Everything I need to have colorful and glowing cheeks. I love how this palette is not glittery. Nor is it chalky. Feels great against my skin. A little goes a long way and they are long lasting. Very happy with my purchase

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Kay M.
Small and poor quality

This palette was tiny. It's impossible to get your brush covered without mixing colours. Considering you can get the ABH glow kits for about the same price, save your money. The main highlight shade hardly shows on light skin tones and the blushes are patchy and streak. This is definitely just a "sample" size palette and it's not worth the 40usd.

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Karen B.
I liked it a lot but..

The colours are gorgeous and light reflecting but just way to much fallout.. I honestly use it as an eyeshadow palette more than blusher and highlight except the pink( loads of fallout)..

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Yara A.

ok, um. I just really love this? First off, I was worried that moonstone would be too light on me (I'm light-medium w/ yellow undertones), but it turned out as the most beautiful, soft, natural glow. Then, I was really eyeing rose gold, but worried it would be too blush-like or dark for me.. but it actually looks gorgeous, looks like I layered a highlight over a soft blush. as for topaz, it's darker than the bronzing luminizer from the balm (betty?), but has a stronger sheen and more complimentary as a highlight for those tan days (or medium-dark skin tones) now for the blushes, I love both of them. flower child gives me the lively blushed look, very natural, and wild honey gives me some warmth and a healthy tone.

In conclusion: I love this palette, was the first time I bought a becca product and I have absolutely no regrets. it's great for trying out the brand and experimenting with different products, and finding what suits you! Although, you have to keep in mind, each colour is the size of a coin, more or less. That doesn't bother me because I already have a lot of highlighters and blushes, but it should be noted for those that might want to know. :)

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