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Afterglow Palette


kaiyo A.


Elizabeth  A.
This was a disappointment

There doesn't seem to be a purpose to this palette. No use, in my personal opinion and in my makeup routine. It went to the 'Shop my Stash' pile for my friends and relatives for when they come over. My friend who has a different skin tone took it and loved it. She is a redheaded bombshell.

sara d.
Really nice colors, but kinda meh

It’s a really nice pallet. Wish there was more product. Colors are nice. They have to be built up, but are nice when applied with a fan brush. Not totally in love, but I do like it. It’s one of those pallets where you just like it. It’s not life changing, but not crappy by any means.

xiao z.

配色很好,出门旅游的话很方便。尤其是前两个高光,跟自然,细腻。moonstone有多么火简直不用再说了!rose gold的闪片很细,而且有点粉粉的,可以叠加在腮红上,或者直接当做腮红,都是很不错的选择~

Ilze R.

Im so happy that i get the possibilities to try all these colours, because normally i would not purchase them. I was interesting only in blush "flowerchild". Ofcourse the bleach is really flattering. But also the blush "Wild honey". I use it as blush/bronzer colour. I would never buy highlighter like "Rose gold", but i use minimaly and it looks amazing (need to be careful to really blend it, because it can stand out too much). Long lasting, intense, but with light hand and blending can make it natural. Also "Wild honey" as eyeshadow, when I'm tanned looks so nice. I take this palette in trips, and i can use it in many ways. When i ordered, i read reviews on small pan size. Not my problem at all. Its not THAT small. Enough for my normal size brush to enter. And you need only lightly to touch to receive pigment. And who anyway ever finish the blushes? Its loosing of product.

Bella M.

This is a nice palette. Also a great way to try some of Becca's highlight and blushes. They are tiny and I find it difficult to dip my brush in. Packaging feels a bit cheap.

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Samantha C.
Pretty and pigmented

I am a huge fan of Becca products. I love this palette especially that peachy blush color. The only disappointment I have is that it has smaller pans than I expected. The pans are about the size of a quarter. Definitely a good product for on the go!

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Qian Y.
Fantastic palette! Love it
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This is my FIRST becca product. I've been trying to look for a great highlighters/blush palette and this is the best one so far. That color is really gorgeous. I just love it so much.

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Nikki H.
She is in love

Brought this for my daughter for her birthday. Was on the waiting list as it was sold out or not available everywhere else even on own Becca's website. Received the palette just in time for her to wear for her birthday celebrations. She looked great and the product was not a disappointment. She shimmered enough to not look exactly like a disco ball but instead a beautiful luminous creature. Thank you Beautyish for coming through on this one!