Beauty Product Reviews


Hello All, Im here with another review of a beauty product that I just started using. Its the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer. I used it couple of times so far and i really like how smooth it goes on. It says its suppose it go on smooth and minimizes pores. I really don’t feel like it minimizes pores but it definitely goes on smoothly. For those who don’t know what a foundation primer are used for is too keep your foundation long lasting. I definitely feel like this product has the long lasting effect. The product itself when it comes form the tube is an orangey salmon-like color. However, this product does goes on invisible once you blend it into your skin. This product you can find it at your local drugstore i.e, Walgreens, & CVS. This product runs for about $7.99, i guess it depends where you live at. The tube is 1 fl. oz. so there not that much product. For being a drugstore i think it’s really convenient. Prior to using this product, i was using the Sephora Anti-Shine Primer. It runs for about $18.oo & has the same amount of product. I prefer the rimmel london for the sephora brand because you get the same amount for product for less and the it goes on smoothly. Now not to knock the sephora brand but it does not goes on smoothly makes my face feel very dry, yet it does work as far as staying power. Pros-makes foundation long lasting, goes on smoothly, inexpensive & convenient. Cons- not enough product,& the color of the product. Feel free to comment on this product if you have used it or if you’re interested in using. Thanks for reading!!!

Review: LA Colors 5 eyeshadow palettes

Hello again, Im here to do another product review. I was curious to try the LA Color 5 eyeshadow palette because I saw several reviews on youtube. You can purchased LA colors on line at or They run for about 3.99 online. You can also find LA colors at you local dollar store & of course they run for a dollar…. So i tried sereval colors out, i have about nine palettes and it be honest the pigmentation isn’t all that great. I used a primer with these of course and i just don’t find these to be the greatest eyeshadows. They’re very chalky, very hard to spread over your lid and hard to blend. I feel it works better when i use a base like the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Most of these palettes are chalky but for a buck what can you expect. I think once you have used a based like an NYX Jumbo eye pencil it allows you to pack on the color more with this product. Overall, i think this product is just okay once you learn how to maneuver around it. If you tried this product let me know your thoughts and opinions, Thanks for reading….