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  • What’s Your Eye Shape?
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    What’s Your Eye Shape?

    Determining your natural eye shape is just as important as finding the most flattering colors for your lids. Keep reading for tricks on how to apply eye shadow to best fit your specific symmetry—so you can make the most of your peepers!

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  • How-To: Double-Winged Liner

    How-To: Double-Winged Liner

    Beauties, we know many of you are dying to re-create the fab double-edged eye liner effect—so we’ll show you how! Keep reading for the easy step-by-step tutorial and learn how to give your eyes a dual advantage!

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  • Three Easy, Spring Hairstyles

    Three Easy, Spring Hairstyles

    Searching for an easy hairstyle that takes a few minutes to achieve, yet instantly pulls your look together? Well, we’ve found them! Click through for three perfect ‘dos to take you into spring!

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  • Blue Streak

    Blue Streak

    Looking for a pop of color but don't want to rock colored hair or neon nails? Try lining your lower lashes with a streak of vibrant blue! We look to three Beauties for some inspiration.

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  • A Lesson in Lipstick Lingo
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    A Lesson in Lipstick Lingo

    With so many lip textures available, how do you choose the right coating of color for you? Beautylish breaks down common lipstick lingo so you can paint on the pout you want!

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  • White Out!
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    White Out!

    Thought white makeup was only for mimes and the theater? Think again! See how the colorless pigment is now an essential in any makeup maven’s beauty closet.

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  • Makeup Meets Color Theory
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    Makeup Meets Color Theory

    Are you creatively blocked when it comes to color? If you find yourself choosing a neutral palette day after day, it’s time to break out your box of colors! But if you’re not sure which shades to pick, it helps to understand the basics of color theory first. Keep reading for five fundamental ways to use color with your makeup!

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  • DIY Milk Beauty Recipes

    DIY Milk Beauty Recipes

    Ready to test a time-honored skin care secret that even Cleopatra swore by? Keep reading for three amazing DIY milk recipes you’ve got to try.

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  • Stay Away From My Makeup!

    Stay Away From My Makeup!

    A harmless swipe, a simple flick—we all have those friends who think our makeup collections are open for business. We say “No way!” Here are some tips for protecting your stash from unwanted fingers while keeping your friendships alive.

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  • Cat Eye Roundup
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    Cat Eye Roundup

    Want to learn how to create a cat eye with your liner? The style got popular in the '60s, is making a huge comeback with singers like Adele, and had plenty of coverage on the fall/winter runways. Here, three Beauties show you how to achieve the look.

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