Beauty Product Reviews

My Holy Grail Hair Product

I use this product almost everyday for my hair routine. I have really dry hair now that I have been dyeing it red. After I towel dry my hair and it is still damp, all I do is spritz my hair 2-4 times and massage and comb it through with my fingers. Blow drying your hair would be fine if you are in a hurry and don't want to be running around with wet hair since this is also a hear protectant. I usually air dry my hair, because I don't want to damage my hair even more. It also has a very nice scent to it, that lasts through out the day. It leaves my hair smelling great, manageable, healthy with lots of shine. Although the price may be a bit high, it is worth your every penny since you don't even need to use much at every use. I highly recommend this product to anyone!!!

So as soon as I finally saw that ULTA had this back in stock, I had to have it. Although there have been products out there already just like the Shatter by O.P.I., I was never able to get a hold of the products without ordering them online. The product does have some sort of odor that might not be pleasant to some people but for some reason I have smelled it somewhere before. You really have to work fast with this product because it starts working immediately. Watching it "shatter" is the coolest part, especially because every finger nail is different from the other. It really gives your nails a unique look to them. When it does finally dry up, it looks like it is matte but if you want it to be shiny and glossy you will have to put some sort of clear top coat to it.

The one thing that I do not like about the product is when you don't use it for a couple of days and when you try to open it again, it is so hard to open. The product also gets clumpy, so make sure you shake it well before each time you open it. You might even have to close it and shake it while you are using it so that the product comes out smooth.

A Vit. enriched mask filled with antioxidants, free radical fighting features, and will leave you feeling like you went out to the salon.

TheFaceShop is one of my newest and favorite stores as of only a month ago. This particular face masks is one of my favorite. Acerola has lots of vitamins in it. One of them happens to be Vit. A, which helps with your vision and those nasty free radicals. Another Vitamin would be Vit. C, which helsp enhance your immune system. Acerola also has some antioxidant properties. The packaging is really simple and easy to get into. It already has a slit so that you just tear it open to get out the mask. The paper itself is very soft and moist when you take it out of the package. They have it folded in quarters so you would open it twice. The mask if very very moist of the product so that it does not dry quickly at all. When you put the mask on your face, it has a nice cooling sensation. The mask has little slits on the sides so that they sit perfectly on your face. After leaving the mask on for the suggested amount of time, your face will feel as if you were just at a salon. Overall this is one of my favorite masks to use at night after cleansing and toning my skin.

I was first introduced to this product by one of my best friends. They were getting ready to go out and I was standing there thinking to myself I should be helping them because I was thinking to myself that I knew almost everything about makeup. So she showed me and explained to me what it is and does. The second I was able to go to the mall I buy one right away, and fell in love with it. The product itself if very creamy, comes on nude and eventually disappears so that it doesn't interfere with the color of the shadow. It makes the shadow stay on a lot longer, and makes the color shadow or pigment pop out alot better. The wand is great for the application, and the packaging is cute. The only problem I have with the product itself is when you start to run out it is very hard to get what is left in the bottle since it is in that specific shape, and it does dry out very quickly. Overall this is a great primer to start off with especially when you first start getting into makeup.

This is my very first MSFN and I love it. The color matches my skin perfectly and makes my face look flawless after applying it. I have yet to venture out from this on only because I want to finish it first before getting a new one and trying something else for that matter. This product is great even by itself. The color is very pigmented and is buildable if needed.