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This is an in-fashion colour, special for summer vacation! I love this colour and Inglot makes it more amazing! it lasts so long and lets your nails to breathe! love it!


The best 5-pack eyeshadow I've ever had in the colours that I totally loooooove! they last so long! Dior has the best eyeshadows by far! really love all Dior's eyeshadows but THESE are the best!


my aunt gave it to me for my birthday! I didn't use to wear blush I don't know why but aafter this Too Faced product, I am in love with blushes! this shade fits me so much! I recommend it!

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this a colour that every strong woman should have! it lasts so much (just like every inglot product) and the colour is so strong! just love it! you should buy it! NOW!


ok this is a MUST HAVE lipstick! if you want dark red lips and want your look to be a little wild then buy it! I have this for 2 years and it's still my favorite! all clinique products are THE BEST!


what can I say for this liptick... it lasts for soooo long! I love its matte colour and I just can imagine any other lipstick that whould suit me best! all MAC products are THE BEST! but THIS lipstick... no words, just love it!


you DEFINITELY should have these palletes if you are an amateur at makeup! great colours, really affordable and I have been using them for 2 years really often! and they're still there! I love them! I am not a proffesional but I know many thing about makeup and these palletes helped me so much! I highly recommend it!


this mascara is my favorite! I love this and Lancome Hypnose! this mascara will help you allll! it's affordable and will make your lashes with soooo much volume! love it!

I LOVE IT! I use it every single day and every 3 months I buy a new one! it's a part of my everyday life I just love it! it gives my lips shine and makes them so soft!