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  • Beauty Detox: Gluten-Free Grains

    Beauty Detox: Gluten-Free Grains

    Looking for a lunch that will keep you full for longer and provide your body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients? Say hello to millet! Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's recipe for Greek-inspired millet salad is a great way to introduce the gluten-free grain into your diet, and will give you a vitamin and mineral boost!

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  • Oats: The Multi-Tasking Energy Grain

    Oats: The Multi-Tasking Energy Grain

    Oats aren't just a yummy breakfast, they also help to keep you fuller for longer, and can be used in a DIY face mask to reduce acne and eczema! Keep reading to find out exactly what this super grain can do for your body and your skin.

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  • Is That Eczema?

    Is That Eczema?

    Is your skin dry, flaky, and itchy? Keep reading to find out the important differences between normal wintertime surface woes and eczema, a common skin disease.

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  • 5 Minute Makeup Lessons
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    5 Minute Makeup Lessons

    We're all pushed for time, but there’s no way we’d leave the house without makeup! Luckily, our experts have you covered. Keep reading to find out how to create a brown smoky eye, contour your cheekbones, and get bold brows—and each makeover takes only takes five minutes!

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  • Should You Detox?

    Should You Detox?

    Wondering whether a detox diet will rid you of your holiday pounds? Keep reading to find out which cleanses will actually help you get healthier and which ones are a waste of time and money.

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  • Fairy-Winged Eye Liner

    Fairy-Winged Eye Liner

    The next best thing to cat eyes? Try fairy-winged liner! Keep reading to see how your fellow Beauties are adding whimsical flourishes to their lids.

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  • DIY Apple Beauty Recipes
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    DIY Apple Beauty Recipes

    Imagine a freshly baked apple pie, fields of brightly colored orchards, and the crisp crunch of a Granny Smith—we just love apples in the fall! While they're mostly used for food, apples also have an interesting history in beauty, skin care, and health. Learn about the history of apples in beauty and check out three must-try DIY apple recipes!

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