Beauty Product Reviews


If you want that doll fake look, use this! I love it! Looks amazing in photos and makes your skin super soft, it acts as a filler on your skin! Love the product, but i dont like how pricey it is :( Makes me opt out and go for the other primers because primers aren't my number one concern.Other than that, I love this product, does not make the makeup look cakey like other primers :)


LOVE...... sums it up! Just pure LOVE! The most awesome foundation brush! Lets the skin looking airbrushed, have to say it works with waterbased foundations better though :) Deff a must have in your makeup belt, feels super nice on your skin and belnds amazingly! Like i said about the duo fiber 130 ( smaller version of this brush ) it gets into all the nooks and crannies on the skin, which is what gives it that airbrushed look! FLAWLESS ;)

Perfect Concealer Brush!

LOVELOVELOVE this smaller duo fiber brush for concealing! its perfect size and I use the big Duo fiber brush for my foundation so I figured use this smaller one for concealing and its amazing! It gets the product in ever "nook and cranny" as i like to say! Especially when working on my mature skin clients! Its alot faster than the traditional flat concealer brush!