Beauty Product Reviews


If I could only have one brand eyeshadow... I would choose INGLOT... the pigments in these products are amazing and well worth the purchase! The value for money when you purchase their palettes is top quality and affordable. And the best thing is with the 'Freedom System' you choose which colours you want! The palettes magnetise together and are stackable, which is a great space saver in your kit! And no matter the products inside (blush, brow shades, eyeshadows, lip cremes) the palettes are the same shape and size so they can stack together as well! INGLOT makes it easy to be proud of your collection! Did I mention... I LOVE INGLOT SHADOWS!

So easy to use!

I love this product! It is so easy to apply and lasts all day... Well worth the purchase! Its such a smooth product and the mall brush that comes with it is a great size to fit in your cosmetics bag easily! Set with a black shadow for even longer lasting colour!

Lasts and lasts

So compact and very little product used for great depth of colour... Lasts for a long time too. Love it! I purchased it myself!... in Paris last year which makes it more exciting!