Beauty Product Reviews

Can't Live Without

This brush does everything! Its the most versatile brush, and it does all of it's jobs soooo well, I can't see myself without this brush! I use it mostly for my crease because the shape fits right in there and it blends flawlessly. On occasion, I also use it for concealing my under-eyes, or contouring my nose. This is definitely a must have brush for everyone. Trust me~ its worth every penny!!

Hervana is definitely my favorite blush. At first, I was skeptical on buying it because I was never a fan of the "mix of colors swirl kind of blush, because Ive never found any that has looked nice on me. But since I really adored the packaging and love my coralista blush also from Benefit, I went for it. I'm really glad I did too! Since I bought Hervana Ive been reaching for it every day. Its a gorgeous natural pink, and the texture is so soft. I adore Hervana- a good blush for any collection!