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Shannon R.
Soulmate blush

I NEVER used to wear blush regularly - every blush I have owned never looked natural, looked too pink, and didn't blend well with bronzer. This one is a natural shade of pink, blends perfectly with Hoola bronzer by Benefit, and works very well with my skin tone (white). The brush it comes with is PERFECT for contouring my whole cheek bone and the packaging is pleasing and sturdy.

Ciana C.

Hervana is definitely my favorite blush. At first, I was skeptical on buying it because I was never a fan of the "mix of colors swirl kind of blush, because Ive never found any that has looked nice on me. But since I really adored the packaging and love my coralista blush also from Benefit, I went for it. I'm really glad I did too! Since I bought Hervana Ive been reaching for it every day. Its a gorgeous natural pink, and the texture is so soft. I adore Hervana- a good blush for any collection!

Metta X.
Definitely a "pink" blush

If you are looking for a pink blush, and when I mean pink I mean pink. Not hot pink, not coral, just pink, this is the blush for you. This also comes with a scent of sweetness so if you don't like scents, then I'd be careful but the product is so soft and is definitely worth trying. The color itself is like I said pink, period. Swirling all the colors together to get the perfect pink blush color is very simple and gives you the slightest hint of color that makes your blush look very natural and nothing to over done. I love this blush for more natural looks. (This also looks GREAT on fair skinned girls)

Alli M.

This is my go to blush! Benefit has done it again :) I have no complaints on this product & if you are looking for a girly flush look then you need this! The box is sturdy and holds up well in my purse and I love LOVE the brush! Can't wait to try sugarbomb next!

Laura S.
Great Product!

I purchased this after weeks of indecision over the price, at £23.50 it was a bit steep for a blush -- however i figured you only live once and went for it! And I'm so glad i did, its a great product it gives a nice pick shade to the cheeks with a slight glimmer but not too much to make it overpowering. The different shades in the blush work great together, blend well when applied and if you apply over a liquid foundation or primer do a great job lasting through the day.

Rebecca G.
Beautiful, best blush from Benefit yet!
Photo of product included with review by Rebecca G.

I love Benefits blush boxes, they always have beautiful shades and last a good length on the skin. Hervana is the best yet, being a light pink when all the shades are swirled together, perfect for pale girls! It's quite heavily priced, but the blush will provide loads of applications, I don't think I'll ever manage to use it all up.

Nicki N.
A super girly touch,

I swatched this once and I decided that I needed it, as I do love Coralista. It's a great, light, girly color which is what I usually wear with a bolder blue-tone pink lipstick. You'd think that the cardboard box would be flimsy but it's really quite durable.

Kristina H.
A beautiful flush of color
Photo of product included with review by Kristina H.

Against my wallet's will, I purchased the new blush from Benefit. At $28.00 it is a bit steep considering there are so many great blushes these days that can be found at the local drugstore. The beautiful swirls of color were hypnotizing and for me, there was no looking back after placing it in my hand. It had to be mine.

I took it home and opened it up. It was beautiful. Tones of berry, peach, dusty pink and a highlighting dust! My first application to my face was not as pigmented as I had hoped for. I thought it might be a dud (a stunningly beautiful dud). I played around with it a bit more and I found that this is a blush you can really customize to your makeup look. You can swipe it diagonally one way to get a lighter shimmer, you can sweep it diagonal the opposite for a deeper shade or you can swirl it all together and get a beautiful flush of color. It starts off as a soft hue on your cheeks and you can build it up to really make it pop!

I have been using this quite a bit because it seems to fit all my needs for the different looks I am going for. I think that this is better for light to medium-light skin tones but if you have darker skin it would give you a beautiful (and not overly frosty) shimmer to your cheeks without an obnoxious amount of glitter. The shimmer seems to be very finely milled so it is very wearable for daytime as well as "night out on the town" looks.

Deborah H.

I was expecting this to be like Sugarbomb, but not even close. It is so pretty and not too pinky. It blends in great, but has a nice pop to it.