Shayne B.

Location: New York

Making Art!

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About Me

Make Up is a way of creating art on a three dimensional canvas. Playing with shadows and color to enhance features on ones face. Intensifying emotion with a smudge of an eye liner. I like photos to tell stories. The key to any photo is in the look of the eyes. The trick is playing with color theory to enhance the mood of ones gaze.

My life has revolved around art. Playing instruments, singing, dancing, as well as make up. My work has taken me around the globe on 3 continents. Originally from Los Angeles is where I learned the art of make up. My mentors are Adam Darais - Lancôme National, Ross Burton - Opera's Make Up Artist, & Marian Filali - make up for Madonna. I currently reside in Paris France and looking to create new expressions with the stroke of a brush.

Previously I worked for Lancôme on the National Artistry team as well as for MAC PRO. I traveled extensively through the west coast of the US creating events and trend shows for Lancôme. I enjoy teaching make up to help individuals bring out their inner beauty.

I look forward to creating art that will provoke an emotion in the viewer.

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Medium
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Sensitive
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry
Birthday: April 19
Age: 38




* Why is a boy working in makeup?
Well i have always been surrounded by art makeup is just another form. I had done some modeling and some musical theater I became fascinated watching the make up artists.

* How did you learn make up?
I'm a very hands on learner. I had some great mentors Adam Darais - huge celebrity base Nation make up artist for Lancome, Marian Filali - amazing women so talented and sweet artist for Madonna. Ross Burton - Lancome Creative Director client Oprah. Phillip Luque - Creative Director for Young Blood.

Watching and learning and taking my own spin on is really how i learned.

* How do you know what your going to pick for someone
Most of the time I don't. I have an idea but what gets created is not really what was in my head to begin with. I don't think theres a wrong or right way to do something. I believe we can all learn from each other. This site seems great to collaborate and make some truly memorable pieces