168 Large Angled Contour Brush

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Kristina C.

I LOVE this brush. its super soft, yet densely packed, delivers great pigment coverage..very durable, the perfect size and shape. Great for contouring all over! I honestly don't know if I would be able to find another brush to replace it..

Misty B.
Love it!!!

I love this brush, It is very soft and it never falls apart or breaks. It can be used for multiple purposes and it's very easy to clean. If you love to do makeup then you have to have one of these in your collection.

Shayne B.

it is made of Japanese Ponytail. These brushes are hand maid. I have had MAC brushes for years and they never fall apart. This brush is incredibly soft. It is great to contour the face under with rinsers and powders. Not to be used with liquid! use the bigger edge and stick it under the bone holding the taper close to the face and chisel out the face with a C shape!

Thorunn Sif T.
A must have for everyone!

This beauty makes contouring soo easy, I don't know how I lived before I bought this one. I've used it everyday for a year now and it still looks the way it did the day I bought it (I clean it everyday to keep it sanitized and in perfect condition). It's so soft and yet firm enough to apply with precision and it blends nicely and I can say for sure that it's nothing like the similar looking brushes out there (I have a Crown brush that looks the same but the feeling and the application isn't the same). I highly recommend this brush for everyone out there!

Hannah A.
For contour lovers

I definitely am a girl who loves her contour. And this brush literally does the work for you. It's very soft, and blends the product into your skin nicely. If you love to contour, this brush is definitely a must!!

Sonia A.
I'm in love

I don't know how I lived without this brush before. I got it as a present along with others for my birthday last year from my Husband. I was in Heaven and I must say it's my favorite brush next to my m.a.c eyeshadow brushes.