Beauty Product Reviews

A gorgeous palette

I own a few sleek palettes but this is my fave. There is something about this palette that makes you go wow! The colours are so pretty and Girly. I love the fact you can achieve a summer, daytime look on one end of the palette and at the other you can go for a nightime look. I give this palette 5 out of 5. I love it

The Best Concealer Ever

I bought this concealer thinking it would be average. But how wrong was I. Its amazing, it covers everything. It lasts all day, and is so affordable. I don't like using it for under my eyes as its a heavy coverage concealer. But If you suffer from bad breakouts this concealer will cover them believe me.

I have wanted a new eyelash curlers for a while. I have tried numerous of drugstore eyelash curlers and nothing seems to work on my straight, floppy lashes.

My lashes seem to go downwards instead of up and no matter how much time I spend curling them or whatever new curling mascara I use nothing works. That was until I bought the Shiseido ones. I am in love with these eyelash curlers. They work really well on my lashes and make the curl last all day.

I was doubtful at first about spending so much on a pair of eyelash curlers but I am happy I invested in them. These set me back £17.50. I bought them while I was in Wales on holiday.

I have read reviews where people say that it takes about three or four times for these to fully curl your lashes, I agree with that with just one pump of these it doesn’t seem to do anything but after around three pumps the curl seems to form.

Here is a before and after picture of my lashes. To me this is a huge result as my lashes have never looked this curled before. Also If your lashes are not hard to straight I reckon this eyelash curlers will make your lashes look amazing.

Overall I am happy I bought these eyelash curlers. They grip all my lashes and curl them perfectly. The curl last all day until i remove my mascara. They are in my opinion worth the money.

The Best Mascara Ever

This is the only mascara that gives my stubborn straight lashes any bit of a curl. I love love this mascara. Its lengthens my lashes and give them a dramatic curl which holds all day. I recommend if your lashes are super straight.