Beauty Product Reviews

Let's just say I only gave it one star because zero wasn't an option! I thought I got a bargain at the CVS 75% off sale. I "scored" this "blush" for only $0.93! I purchased the color "Romantic Plum" and first of all it's an ashy, chalky pink and second of it there's NO color. The sad thing is that most products with little pigmentation can at least be built upon, but this was a swing and a MISS!

  • B52

This has to be one of my favorite NYX lipsticks. It is a beautiful, creamy rose-mauve shade. I can swipe it on and it is smooth and opaque. I can wear it with just some mascara and blush and it creates a bold lip, but I also love to wear it will a deep smokey eye and it mutes itself on my lips nicely. As strange as it sounds, it's true.

I purchased this product in black and I am in love. I would actually compare it to higher end felt tip liners. It works well and the color lasts all day, but it isn't a struggle to get off. Also, great for beginners.

I really love this product! I have an extremely oily t-zone and very dry bottom half of my face and it dried up the oily area without drying out my already dry skin. It also dried up the few bumps in had in between my eyebrows. It is worth a try I like. I will actually be featuring it in my March favorites video.