Beauty Product Reviews


Most amazing powder that doesn't cake up on you, sets your foundation perfectly, and feels so light on your skin. I will never use another powder again. I'm so in love with my MSF powder, it looks so natural on your skin. The perfect setting powder. And perfect touch up powder too since it never looks cakey.

Yet it does no justice for coverage, but as a setting powder, it's my holy grail. I NEED THIS for my foundation routine, my face isn't complete without it.

I saw a difference within 2-3 days!

I have combination skin, and my cheeks were very dry. It was hard for my foundation to not cake up during the day because my skin was so dry. Than I started using this product and it's completely changed up my complexion. My skin isn't nowhere near as dry as it was & my foundation glides on so smoothly. And I've only used this for less than a week! I've gotten so many compliments on my skin & questions about my skincare routine. My new holy grail product for sure.

Im in LOVE. Can't do my foundation without it.

I'm in hell if I don't have my foundation set with my Mac Fix+! Its such a huge difference for me with dry skin. Whenever I do my foundation it always leaves that dry, "cakey", powdery feel to my face. With the Fix+, my foundation & powder sinks into my skin and gives me the perfect airbrushed, flawless, luminous look! It's DEF not just a water spray, there's some magic stuff in that bottle. I love it. I have a mini travel size when I want to freshen up my foundation & a full size for my everyday makeup routine.