First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Cream


Jaclyn N.

Love this hand cream! It soaks into your skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. Nothing oily or fragrant. I reapply maybe once or twice throughout the day during winter and it works great!

Leslie D.
Helped me so much!!!

I'm a senior in highschool and I have, well should say had, terrible pyrosis on the back of my neck. My neck was super dry and really red. Grown adults would stare at my neck. I got a sample at sephora and after 3 days my neck looked so much better. Of course I went and bought a 6oz. tub of it. I have now been using this product for 3 weeks and my pyrosis is almost completely gone. The only thing I would say is the cream doesn't take care of it all on its own, I do exfoliate my neck too. But overall it's an amazing product.

Jacqlyn W.
Best thing I have ever used.

My skin has always been kinda dry. When I started using Tretinoin my skin was a so dry that I couldn't smile. A lady at Sephora recommended this so I gave it a shot. I am so glad I bought this. It's super lightweight, creamy, sinks into the skin fast, and doesn't break me out. This product has turned my dry skin around. I now have no problems with dry skin when I use this. This product is also super inexpensive. This is staying in my skincare routine as long as they make this.

Ari V.
I saw a difference within 2-3 days!

I have combination skin, and my cheeks were very dry. It was hard for my foundation to not cake up during the day because my skin was so dry. Than I started using this product and it's completely changed up my complexion. My skin isn't nowhere near as dry as it was & my foundation glides on so smoothly. And I've only used this for less than a week! I've gotten so many compliments on my skin & questions about my skincare routine. My new holy grail product for sure.

Lacey F.

this is a great product. i had very very dry sometimes flaky skin and needed a good moisturizer to help it out. this does the job! i bought the big jar which last you a long time. i still have a good few weeks left in the jar and i bought this june 2011. also you can but this on your arns, elbows, legs. etc. they always have a smaller version a tube for like 12 bucks. so i recconmend trying it!

Dori K.

This is a VERY hydrating product! I had burned my skin with the Mario Bedescu drying lotion and within seconds this repaired the peeling area (I know it was pretty bad). I bought 2 at sephora for $12 each. Very inexpensive and lasts forever!

Lacey F.

i have really bad dry skin! and this is amazing! it really does hydrate my skin! i really want to try the redness serum since thats what i also have, buts it expensive! so if you have bad dry skin, then try this product! and the good thing is the pricing is good, the jar is 32 bucks or the tube is 12 bucks. so you can try it out with out spending alot!