Beauty Product Reviews

Natasha Never Ceases To Disappoint!

I am a huge collector of all things Natasha Denona. When her Cranberry Palette first came out a few months ago, of course I had to buy it! This is a very typical color scheme for me, as I love berries, reds, nudes, etc. This palette, like all ND palettes, is super pigmented, high quality and easily workable (if you know how to use ND eyeshadows properly). I love all the shades, but the pop of a coral-tangerine was a great little surprise! The looks you can create with this palette, especially if you have other Natasha palettes, are endless! Can't wait for all her future releases as I just preordered her Sunrise :)

The product that made me obsessed with everything Tom Ford Beauty

For quite some time, I lusted over Tom Ford beauty products (among anything TF really). I decided to take it slow and start with a Boys & Girls Lipstick. Among the varied color range, I went with a typical Nudey-Rose. I was so thrilled for this product to come and when it did, it didn't disappoint! The lipstick itself is of wonderful quality and applies like a dream. The pigmentation of the lipstick is superb and when I wore it for a rare outing, it lasted the whole time and I got quite a few compliments on the color! I <3 these lipsticks almost as much as life! I also did know, as some do not, that these are basically a mini-sized lipstick, but they do pack a punch! Totally worth the money!

How did I live without this?

I'm going to be real here. I have had really bad dandruff most of my life. I have a lot of health issues and the meds I'm on seem to make it worse. I had heard pretty decent things about Klorane products for quite some time and wanted to try a myriad of them! I decided this would be the best product to start. I will say I have been using this every time I shower for almost two months now. It helps keep my dandruff at bay (as physically possible with all the other issues surrounding it) and definitely helps my irritation! This line is a savior for me :)