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Jun 06, 2013

Debora M.

Thanks again for all of the beautiful jewelry. I LOVE everything. It all glitters and shines just like your sparkling personality!!

May 22, 2012

Elizabeth C.

Thank you for the follow :)
Ive been watching your videos for years so it was a pleasant surprise to see you on here.

Thanks for the follow Doll, Don't be a stranger:) Please join and follow my blog (posted on the link above) <3 PS really like your videos :)

Thanks for following me! You have great youtube videos, going to check them out:) xx

May 17, 2012

Jennifer D.

Thanks so much. Getting over a wonderful infected broken tooth. Aaaah. I am so scared of dentists. Thanks. Getting ready to update everything. My website was ripped off, so I have just changed that also. Take care:)

May 17, 2012

Kirakiranail K.

I'm scared of dentists too... Good luck and take care:D xx

Apr 25, 2012

Simera H.

Thanks for following doll. I have been watching your youtube videos for years.

May 17, 2012

Jennifer D.

Thank you. That is crazy. It is such a small world:)

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Jennifer D.

Location: Northern VA


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About Me

*Update 1/2013* I am now working on getting a blog I am pleased with up and going as I was so sad after Blogger/Go Daddy said I was hacked. I wonder about that, but it was just after someone had made my site so gorgeous and girly. I am not a techy girl, so I will let everyone know as soon as I get it up and going. I just need to get back on that blogging even though I miss my former blog so very much. I had no way to contact all of those people to let them know where I went and what happened. Also, facebook page is coming in Jan. 2013..I look so forward to upcoming giveaways and more tutorials on the channel as I now have just one channel rather than one with tutorials and one with everything else....I will update*

Hi everyone. I am just a down to earth, easy to talk to, makeup I suppose I should say makeup passionate person. I was working in the mortgage industry and then life happened after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2004 it was becoming worse. I didn't want it to get in the way, but this doctor that I wish I had no listened to say I needed to leave my job. Yes, it burned all day. It hurt all day, but I loved the relationships I created with my clients and my amazing co-workers. Those times are priceless. I then went into the five star five diamond hospitality industry with the only restaurant/inn to have won the mobile three stars for 24 consecutive years. An amazing business with so much cold behavior behind the scenes. Something I was not used to and after three years my husband walked into a situation I had explained many times with the GM and HR and he told me to get my things and I left that day to never look back. It was the very best thing I could have done for my self conscious moral compass. I am no prude, but some things just cannot be overlooked for years. I wish the establishment well, but I do not belong in an industry where everyone is cut throat and not uplifting. I am not a gossip or someone to break down another. I want to lift others up so high and make them feel amazing. I was just so used to being in offices where the co-workers bonded and we became like family, not so competitive and seeing insecurities surface. I had always worked in management, but wanted to enjoy the administrative side of the business for a change as I think it is so rewarding to be like the great wife behind every great husband. I know that everyone I ever had on my team were such hard working people and appreciated how hard they work to get the job done. I am now going to school full time and am not sure what my degree will be in, however, it will be in some sort of business. However, I have to be realistic and I am trying to think of positions I can do at home just in case my Fibromyalgia will not allow me to sit at a desk for eight hours. I was in true pain within just two hours of sitting upright each day with my stick on heat patch and muscle cream in my purse. One girl was such a sweetheart and would be so kind to help me when it got really bad. However, many days, when the 1:00 crew would come in I would be able to leave, which was always appreciated as they wanted to keep hours as low as possible. I needed the paycheck, but the burning, thumping was something I had to sometimes try to deep breath through. I have such empathy for anyone with any form of pain. I am seeing more signs of another name that I won't mention, but it sometimes takes years to be diagnosed. I have just never seen anyone with Fibromyalgia have increased pain come so quickly and be able to do some much less each day. My husband, prior to his stroke, worked for a medical supply company, where the delivery technicians were delivering to women younger than myself oxygen and beds to keep them comfortable. I keep pushing on, walking on my mini trampoline each day to lose the weight I gained while on Lyrica (that is just like a steroid and haven't spoken to a sole person it has helped). After two years my body finally went back to it's normal metabolism and the same healthy foods I had eaten were being appreciated by my body and since summer I have lost 35 lbs. I had a 70 lb. weight gain. At 5'1" and having weighed 109 at my lowest weight it was a huge adjustment. I was doing Fibro friendly workouts (water exercise is amazing, mini trampolines and toniing without adding stress to the shoulders is done in moderation. I have thought about doing a weight loss channel to discuss the items I want to try, have tried, etc. I desperately want to try Visalus, but cannot afford to drop $100 for shakes at one time right now. I am not the one bringing in the money and am looking for something that also helps anemia, Fibro and a great weight loss shake...if you know of something close let me know. I would love to buy and even thought of selling the product as I do believe it helps others. I just cannot ask my husband to hand me $100 for a drink. I wish it was sold in $35-$40 amounts for those that would also like to try it before spending so much. Sample purchases would be amazing. I know, my dear friend Sarah, also on YouTube, looks beautiful, is a sweet friend and has had great results with this. I would love it, but just can't at the time. Again, let me know if there is anything out there with the same or at least close benefits of this product. However, at some point, I want Visalis and a Hollywood Vanity Mirror. I have put back money for one for over a year and each time it is needed. I just hope that this country can provide careers to everyone soon and get us on our feet. I hate that my husband had a stroke and it had a huge meltdown on our finances, but I will take my husband any day, any new haul, etc. as I am so thankful he is here with me. I was told in the first hospital I could say goodbye and I immediately say I wouldn't accept that and within 20 minutes he was in Pegasus for a nine minute flight, two hour drive for me to the University of Virginia Intensive Care Neurology Unit. I loved being there each morning for his breakfast and watching him fall asleep late at night. I had to wait until their nightly meeting was over at nine at night if I didn't choose to leave at eight o'clock. I drove the two hours home, stared at the ceiling, made true feeling vlogs and somehow was up at six a.m. to get there for him when he would get his breakfast as he couldn't feed himself. I knew he would feel more comfortable with me helping and it was my pleasure. He didn't know my name. After three days he could talk and my name was "my beautiful wife" which was precious. I learned some valuable lessons over the past three years. All hard and I would have normally thought I would have really cracked under this pressure, but I realize I am a strong woman. I know that we as women sometimes underestimate our strength in these situations and I dug deep within myself and had to pull myself up as far as I can. Right now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and cannot wait for the day when I come out over the end holding Gary's hand. I know this is long, but it is truly all about me. I want you to know about me and not just about what type of mascara I wear. Although, I love to talk about that subject as well. My amazing husband, Gary, had a mini stroke and a massive stroke in 2009, which changed our lives forever. I had him airlifted from our local hospital to UVA which is about a 100 minute drive way one through traffic. About 30 minutes of that is just traffic to get from one end of the city to the other, but it was well worth it. Not only do they have Intensive Care, but he was in a Neurology Intensive Care Unit with amazing care. They told us six months before he could come home, but he shocked them and left with me after 7 days. Yes, he couldn't name a spoon when we got home that day and yes, I had to drive him to two therapy sessions per day and wait while enjoying great magazines. The therapy was 35 minutes away one way each day, but I did not care. I just wanted him to be with me, his precious Basset Hound and our miniature dachshund, Earl. RIP Brutus the Basset. I would have stayed with him overnight as they offered that as a gift to the spouse at the neighboring hotel, but when I was ask Gary if he wanted me to stay next door or be back bright and early after cuddling with Brutus and Earl for several hours he would shake his head profusely as he loved his babies so much. I walked in with a Basset and Dachshund doll set one day and he lit up like lights on a Christmas tree. I made videos in March of '09 during my times of grieving as I had just began making videos and as much as I hated my silly user name I couldn't change it due to making friends through the years of watching videos. It was a name created by a friend after receiving a packaging and we needed to quickly create the YouTube account to save videos to watch in a playlist. I had and still have no girlfriends that I can call up and go for coffee or out to lunch. I miss that so very much as my best friend was my co-worker at the mortgage agency and I suppose the distance was the reason our friendship grew up. No hard feelings at all. I just think the distance made a change, but I still get emotional when thinking how much I miss our friendship. Again, each office I have worked in has resulted in close friendships from managing a call center, office manager for a financial investment firm and then my precious office and amazing job at a mortgage company that is well known, but I may not be able to say their name in public. I loved what I did and to have my doctor tell me that my Fibromyalgia was worsening due to the stress and I needed to leave was a hard pill to swallow. I wish I had not listened as I have more stress from 350 resumes later and wanting to work so badly with no way to work even retail due to my Fibro. Administrative would be amazing. I don't need to be in management as I just want to interact with others and learn new, exciting businesses. I hope to soon be in another mortgage co., title office, assistant to an attorney, anything with insurance as I got so much experience with customer service through the years and I just love people. I miss people and they may sound silly, but i live in such a rural area that I don't see people on a regular basis. I cannot wait for the ride to work each day. I have an eighteen year old son, Austin, that means that world to me. I am very proud to be his Mom and always keep him in my heart. Much love to you all and if you have any tutorial requests hair, makeup or any questions please feel free to email me. My friends through YouTube mean the world to me and I appreciate my subscribers more than anyone will know as well as those that have faith in me to review their products and feel comfortable that I will be honest. I do my research prior to accepting the products and generally accept products that have nice reviews. I don't want my subscribers to waste any of their hard earned money. I know that part of my life has changed drastically and look forward to a *fingers crossed and prayers sent above* a fulfilling and successful 2013.

Hugs, Jennifer

P.S. Again, please don't hesitate to contact me at with any questions. I check those messages a bit more often than my YouTube and I find the email is a bit more reliable. Much luck to you all in 2013!

Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Texture: Oily
Birthday: July 18


*Updating week of 1/7/13* as it has changed since my last update.