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Beauty Product Reviews


If you’re like me and are not a Boss at eyeshadow looks this is for you. Easily applied with your fingertips and looks like you tried harder than you really did. If you can add winged liner, I’d say you would be ready to walk the red carpet.


I figured this was a good brand dude to Tarababyz’ reviews on YouTube but lemme tell you....this really eased my discomfort after having a ‘Vampire Facial’. This is the most moisturizing thing I have ever used. Ever. I will definitely be decanting some to travel with.

Worth it

I’m a believer. Great for oily skin. Great for hyper pigmentation. One star off only for the price...but hey, sometimes you DO get what you pay for.

Worth It

The OG of setting spray. The mist dispenser is great. I live in a humid climate and this definitely works for me.


This is the first 'makeup remover wipe' that I've used that I don't feel the need to cleanse my face afterwards. Great for using in the AM, if you don't use a cleanser, to remove any residue from your nighttime skincare routine.

Worth The Money

I think you should ensure that no scratchy brushes go near the delicate eye area. This brush feels like bunny tails caressing your eyelids.

Another hit

If you like purples you're gonna love this. Same thoughts apply to the OCC cream formula that I've stated in other reviews.


I've been using mine for a while and I am truly impressed with the results. This is the first tube exfoliator I used and I immediately appreciated the ease-of-use. The consistency of this Ilia one I found to be gritty (it's a fine grit don't worry) - I guess that's the volcanic stone powder - and effective. Yet it never left my lips feeling dry. The product wipes away easily and when I did happen to get it in my mouth, which was every time, the taste wasn't horrifying. Not lemonade but nothing to make me gag either.

Taking liquid lipsticks from zero to HERO

Any liquid lipstick that does not dry down matte enough for you, put this on prior to use and it will prolong its wear. ANY. It is a game changer.

Great shaping tool

A necessity for reshaping your brushes after you've washed them. Especially the natural hair ones. I wouldn't recommend storing your brushes in them whilst travelling though because the same holes which allow the bristles to dry so effectively will rough up - so to speak - the bristles if they're moving around. The variety pack is best if you have a lot of brushes...get a couple.

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