Beauty Product Reviews

Love the idea, not so much the formula

I have the nail art pen in black and white, and was disappointed to find after a few uses I really didn't like them. I love the idea of using the pen, especially the super fine tip, but the formula for this was a miss for me. When applying you have to make sure polish is completely dry, or these soak in and fade. Although over thicker creams, it seems like dry or not, they still soak in. I usually have to go over the designs 3-4 times for the color to look alright. With the white especially i noticed that it cracks when the top coat is put on. Super frustrating, especially after I had finished a detailed design, looked fine and after drying I put top coat on, and it all cracked. Same problem when i tried just a simple white tip. And a top coat is super necessary with these, because they just rub off otherwise. These are fun to play with, but I can never get them to work.

soft, bright, smooth skin!

This product makes my skin look better than ever! When I first tried it, I immediately loved the consistency. It's thick and creamy, but with lots of very small exfoliators. It reminded me of when I was looking for ways to smooth some small bumps on my skin and a site recommended baking soda. The texture of a baking soda paste was very much like the scrub, except the green tea smells much better and feels good on your skin :) unlike larger exfoliators, I find this gently polishes the outer layer of the skin all over. It leaves it smooth and soft, and also brighter. it also helped clear the little bumps, and any rough patches on my face. I love the texture of my skin now, and would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new exfoliator.