Olivia M.

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About Me

Vanity is my biggest downfall. The majority of my funds are spent on everything devoted to maintaining a beautiful image. As conceited as that sounds, everyone has their vices.

With that said ask me anything and I'll most likely have an accurate view and answer for all your troubleshooting!

I've been addicted to makeup and skin care since I was 15 and developed a somewhat honed tongue for all things beauty related. I can help answer any questions for those of oily skin types most indefinitely. Qualms about sephora or mac? ask me! oh and Kiehls is my new fave thing

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Skin Type: Sensitive
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Coarse
Birthday: October 07
Age: 31


I'm a model, dancer and theatre inclined. I am also big on arts and crafts and beauty upkeep that can be done myself (love doing my own rhinestone party nails)