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this bb creme is just perfect. it has a nice texture that blends in well and lasts all day, giving you a beautiful finish with just a touch of dewiness. it doesn't have a smell so it should be good for the fragrance-sensitive. i applied it with my fingers in the early morning (around 7 am) and it was looking pretty good around 7pm the same day. this bb creme doesn't have that typical grey undertone, and it oxidized nicely with my skin tone. i got it in natural beige.

not for the voluptuous lash ladies at heart

i tried this mascara, and though i don't have much pros to say about it, it does have its own benefits. i don't usually pack on the mascara on a regular school day (i save that for work), but during the winter and spring, the second i walk out of my house its a 50/50 chance my eyes will start to tear...and most mascaras end up under my eyes or on my eyelids and i have to walk down the street holding up a mirror to check. as for this one, no budge!

all it does for me is darken my lashes, i already have length but my lashes are light. they're also not very thick so i dont get much volume though id like some. i love the way it comes off and i wish that they had a more lash-boosting formula/brush to make lashes look a little more like you did SOMETHING to them

oh well.

first curler

i was never one to use a curler until i tried this one out. i got it with the full size mascara plus lash primer. i have to say i really love the whole trio...the mascara is simply amazing and the curler just helps amplify the effect nicely

i love this advanced formula of bb cream..its amazing, makes my skin flawless, feels totally weightless, my skin looks radiant and feels moisturized. its perfect for everyday especially since i don't like foundations very much unless necessary. its my go-to for everyday natural coverage

awesome color

i love the color of this lipstick, its a nice color that doesn't make my lips blend into my face... i like the glossy-ness of it but as we all know, the more gloss the less stay power in a that means you have to reapply when necessary. otherwise, i love the feel of it


perfect color for all year round. it looks very natural on me and applies smoothly. mine came in my Sweet Dreams palette (which i love!) its matte, so it looks wonderful! and of course none of us can forget the amazing cocoa-infused property it has, making it smell like a bar of chocolate! yum!


i bought this after reading reviews about it on Beautylish...and i absolutely adore it. its amazing when im in no mood to wash my hair and have a time constraint on styling it. helps freshen up last nights hair ;)

love it!

i love Josie Maran for introducing the world to argan oil and her amazing little inventions with it as an ingredient! this cleanser is amazing at removing all your make up, cleansing your skin, and i personally think deep cleansing your pores because it heats up on contact with water. also, having argan oil in it helps moisturize your skin as it cleans all the daily dirt, grime, and makeup off. definitely a good buy


love the coverage on this foundation, its not to heavy but gives you a perfect complexion! feels nice, fits perfectly with my tone, doesn't look cakey or natural as can be with a full coverage foundation...i couldn't ask for any better!

my go-to lipstick!

i love this lipstick for its high pigmentation and long staying power! my favorite colors are pomegranate, tanin, and poppy for their bright colors...and i also love madeira as a pinky nude, it goes perfectly with my lips.

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