Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome Colors!!

I recently got the Darling loose eyeshadow. And WOW!! Its stunning! Great pigentation, and glittery too! A little bit goes a long way, so you don't really need to pack on the color. The price for one jar is only $12! A super great price, and with only $5 flat rate for shipping, why not order more than 1?? I certinly will the next I make an order!

OMG! I love love love my Sugarpill Palette! I just got the Sweetheart palette. The colors are so bright, bold & beautiful! the 3B's!! The colors are very pigminted, and they do last for quite awhile! I gave teh packaging for the product 5 stars! Even the shipping package was cute! Had the Sugarpill kitten on stamped on it! What also made it feel really special was the fact that Amy sign off on you receipt and says thank you! So cute and very sweet of her! I can't wait to order more!

Great brush belt

I got this not to long ago, and I love it! Its a good material and easy to clean. I can fit tons of burshes in it! The pockets are a bit long, so a couple of my brushes kind of got lost! lol But other than that it's aweosme!!

This LIner is awesome!! It's super easy to apply, doesn't spear or smudge, and you can get the perfect cat eye with it! It doesn't flake or dry up either! Its a must have!

I love this pallet! the colors are really pigminted! I especially love the purples! I love creating a smokey purple look using all the purple colors. I don't even need to use Lucifer!

I really like these makeup remover cloths! They work very well! They don't make my face feel too oily after using them, but I would still reccomend a rinse of water after use. Or do your daily fash wash routine afterwards. It does take a bit of extra rubbing if you have water proof mascara, or eyeliner, but it will come off. Well, for Mascara, it seems I still have small traces on after using the cloths. But $3 bucks, the price ain't bad! I do wish they would give more than 20 sheets though!